Britney Dearest: A Monthly Subscription Box That Teaches Kids How To Code

/ Monday, October 23, 2017

A Monthly Subscription Box That Teaches Kids How To Code

*This is not sponsored. I did not receive compensation of any type from Bitsbox or its partners.

Back in May, my kids received their first Bitsbox subscription box and since then, they have had so much fun learning about coding while creating fun, interactive apps on our computer.

Bitsbox is hands-on monthly subscription box that helps children learn to code through the use of cards and online activities that teach children how to create apps! Each month Bitsbox sends out a new box with a different theme and new apps to create on the Bitsbox coding site.

The BitzBox blog is very informative and encouraging for parents and educators. It shares insight into the Bitsbox activities as well information about the company and general information about coding for kids.

I purchased a monthly subscription for my children for $24.95. There are two other monthly subscription prices with different features, one for $19.95 which is digital and the Deluxe for $44.95. The prices decrease depending on whther one chooses quarterly or annual billing.

Watch the video below to see us open our Bitsbox and create apps!

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