Thursday, November 20, 2014

She, in 3D {2}: Meet Ayanna!


This marks the second entry to my new segment, "She, in 3D" and I'm excited to say that every single lady I have asked to take part in this, so far, has said yes! There are some very inspiring stories that I'm so excited to share over the coming weeks!

Today, I'm interviewing another close friend of mine, I was so excited that she was as excited as me when I asked her to go out with Tiph and me to snap photos for this segment. She and I graduated from the same high school, she, a year behind me and after not seeing much of each other since high school, we became members of the same church about 2 years ago, re-introduced ourselves and we clicked instantly. This gorgeous lady is fabulous (and her make-up is always on point!), she's a sweetheart who, like myself, is very family-oriented, she's a great friend, she's fun... The first time we went out for dinner with Tiph, we all had each other laughing so hard we were in tears! So, anyways, without further ado, meet the lovely, Mrs. Ayanna!

Hey Sis! Tell the readers a little bit about you and the family.
Currently I am a full-time Wife, Mom, and student. My Husband and I have been happily married for two and half years. I am mother of three children, Nasir (8), Aaliyah (8), and Jayonna (10). I am a senior at UMKC finishing up my business degree in Entrepreneurship. I enjoy learning and believe you should never stop learning whether it is in academics, personal, or spiritual growth. I barely have a life with all I have going on but I love planning and doing fun things with my kids around the city. I have found so many free or close to free fun things to do with my children being in Mom groups and emailing lists. I also love spending time with my honey whenever we can; usually dinner and a movie or having a fun date night out on the town.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Unlikely Combination: Knees... and Boobs? {Kids These Days! :-)}

Hello Ladies!

I have a story of a different kind today. My kids are too much like my husband and me. They're so GOOFY! They love to laugh and have fun, and oftentimes, it's at the expense of my husband and me. This time it involves a prop...

While I was in the living room folding laundry and minding my business, watching TV, I hear my daughter start laughing so I looked over at her and she yells, "I have boobs on my knees!"

I like how these photos capture the illusion that I'm a C-cup or something. My A-cup bra looks huge on her little skinny knees.

After the photos, she skipped around the house repetitively singing, "boobs on my kneees! Boobs on my kneees!" Little goof-troop lol.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

She, in 3D {1}: Meet Tiphanie!

Hello Gorgeous!

Thank you for stopping by! I am so excited to share this new addition to this blog and I believe you'll like it! Every week I will interview and feature a new lady who has a personal story of triumph that I believe can inspire many other women to pursue their dreams and persevere, overcome, and conquer. My goal is to encourage, inspire, and motivate different women and young ladies in all walks of life and I pray this new segment does just that!

Just in case you're wondering about the title, "She, in 3D", basically, it's saying she (the lady featured) is sharing in-depth aspects of her life.

Now ladies, it's time for me to introduce my first feature of this segment!

I'm so glad this gorgeous woman agreed to be a part of this and share her story! Her story is one that I believe can most definitely speak to many other women who have experienced a similar situation. I'm blessed to have been able to call her a best friend for 3 years and counting! She's very encouraging, she's very open with her experiences, she's humble, a good listener, fun, she has such a big heart, and we have so much in common it's dang near unbelievable.

Every-lady, please give a warm welcome to Tiphanie!

Monday, November 10, 2014

'70's Style and Loving Every Inch of You!


I hope your weekend was wonderful!

First of all, can I just let you know that I LOVE flare leg, bell bottom, and wide leg pants. More than skinny jeans, more than leggings, more than any other type of bottoms. Alright, back on topic...

So, last week I made a post with 8 suggestions on how to develop confidence with your own personal style. Today, I want to touch on something more important: ACCEPTANCE OF YOUR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE AND LOVING EVERY INCH OF YOU.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: DIY Framed Jewelry Hanger

Hello Gorgeous!

Yes, I'm aware that people normally post photos of themselves or their family from when they were babies and kids or teenagers, basically, photos from 10+ years ago, however, I'm doings things a little different today and sharing a project I made for my sister Jasmine a few years ago.