Britney Dearest: A Body Book for Younger Girls [Because They're Going to Have Boobs One Day *sad face*]

/ Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Body Book for Younger Girls [Because They're Going to Have Boobs One Day *sad face*]

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You see the pink thing at the top left of the image above? That's a training bra!

Yes, family! It's happening! My baby is really growing up *tears*.

Recently, my daughter and I had a tiny little situation. She wants to wear training bras y'all. She's 9-years-old! What the heck?! (She'll be 10 later this year.)

Seriously, I guess I forgot my baby girl would want or need to wear bras one day. She used to think bras were gross!
After she dropped the bombshell on me, I held in my panic because I don't want my daughter to freak out or think I'm any more crazy than she already thinks I am. I also want her to continue being 100% comfortable and open in sharing personal topics with me, so I smiled and asked her why. She gave me her reason and I kindly responded, "Okay, Phoenix, if you want some training bras, I'll get you a few, okay?"

After that, I text my husband hoping for some solace and comfort because, internally, I was really trippin' and freakin' out. He didn't help. I wanted to text my parents but, no, I have to have this talk with them in person because they have been through it, plus, I may break down and need a hug.

Whether I'm with it or NOT, a change is gonna come. Multiple changes actually. My baby girl will slowly (<--I hope) grow into a young woman. I'm. Not. Ready. But I'm trying. I'm slowly, but surely accepting that my baby girl can't be a little kid forever.

A little while later I hopped online and Google searched "when should I buy a training bra for my daughter?" I found the information I was looking for then proceeded to go onto Amazon to search for training and sports bras for my baby.

It wasn't as bad and painful as I thought it would be. Actually, it really calmed my nerves, until I saw one with lace. I cursed out the person responsible for thinking of such a thing. Lace? On a training bra for kids?! So inappropriate! But other than that, I actually had a little fun looking for sets with her favorite colors and knowing how happy she would be when I surprised her with the training bras.

When I added the 6-pack training bras of choice to my cart the book, The Care & Keeping of YOU: The Body Book for Younger Girls, was suggested, so I read the description and reviews and added that to my cart as well.

I figured it would be good for us to read the book together. Since it's created by American Girl, maybe it'll gain her interest and make our discussions less awkward. I could also give her the option to read it alone and we could follow up together with any questions and concerns. Whatever makes her comfortable.

This situation is actually good because it's helping think about and prepare for other changes as well.

No matter what, she'll always be my sweet baby. She'll be 50-years-old and I'll still be calling her my baby girl. :-)

american girl, book, body, changes, young, girls, developing, daughter, sister, period, menstrual cycle, help, parents
Click the book if you're interested! :-)

Update: We received the book yesterday on April 3rd and so far so good! My daughter was very interested in reading it although she was shocked by the boob illustrations. She thought they were inappropriate so I had to explain why it's okay that it's in the book. There's a lot of information and it's written out very clear for her age level. It goes from head to toe- literally- giving tips and how-to's for overall body care and also goes into the importance of good nutrition, fitness and rest.

I informed her that it's a private book. She's not allowed to show her brothers, for obvious reasons, cousins, or friends because their parents may not be comfortable with their child reading it or seeing the illustrations.

I highly suggest this book for parents who, like me, could use some assistance in this area of parenting :-)!

**I'm not being compensated in any way for this post. I purchased the book with my own funds. I'm not {currently} working with American Girl, although I would love to :-)

Thank you for reading!
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