Britney Dearest: My Family's First Ever Cruise Ship Experience {Day 1 On Board}

/ Thursday, March 17, 2016

My Family's First Ever Cruise Ship Experience {Day 1 On Board}

Last week my family had the privilege of flying to Miami, FL, Nassau, Bahamas, and Great Stirrup Cay for a six day family vacation with my awesome parents. Over the next few days I will share photos of trip AND tips to help you plan your first family cruise.

Here we go!

At the Kansas City International airport.

The kids were waiting to fly for the first time! Our flight left at 5 a.m.

Gabe was the most excited.

Dallas, TX airport.

On the way to Miami! The kids were figuring out how to play the movies and games.

Welcome to Miami! We were waiting for the hotel shuttle bus to pick us up.

The Comfort Suites hotel was very nice!

Phoenix stayed in my parents room.

The Next Morning

 There was a good breakfast at the hotel. We smashed it.

On the hotel shuttle heading to the Miami port.

About to board the ship!

These guys.

Welcome aboard!
When we first boarded the ship we did a lot of walking around and visited the kids play area. I didn't get many photos of the ship, but my dad did. I'll update and share this post again once he sends them over- which may be never. We'll see :-). Like & follow the Britney Dearest Facebook group.

Hi Dad! :-)

We didn't need coins to play!

A little Jacuzzi action during the 70 degree weather.
When the ship left the port there was a huge dance party on the deck. The pretty in pink was one of the main performers on the ship- she danced and sang. What I didn't photograph was her and ZJ dancing together prior to this (I was too busy shaking my groove thang). She held his hand while they did the Cha-Cha slide. I think he developed a little crush.

By the end of the night we were so far out we couldn't see the water. All we could see {barely} were lights from other ships.
Learning tricks!

Dance par-tay!
There was a game where multiple questions were asked. The last to put their answer in the bucket had to dance.

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