Britney Dearest: 17 Tips to Keep Your Family and Home Safe While on Vacation

/ Thursday, March 17, 2016

17 Tips to Keep Your Family and Home Safe While on Vacation

My family recently traveled away from our home for a six day vacation (you can read about that here) and along with tips for planning your first family cruise (here), I also want to share tips that helped us keep our home and family safe so that we could enjoy our time together without worrying.

Here they are:

Protecting Your Home
  • If you have a home alarm, don't forget to turn it on.
  • Leave a light on a timer. Have the light come on for a couple hours in the evening and off before your normal bedtime. This makes people think someone is home.
  • Lock all doors that lead to outside. Close all curtains and blinds.
  • Completely turn off or unplug electronics and surge protectors to avoid electrical issues while away. Maybe even the microwave?
  • Don't make big announcements about exact vacation dates on social media.

Protecting Your Family and Personal Belongings
  • Have someone you trust watch your home and pick up your mail or go to the post office and have your mail stopped until you return.
  • Always keep handbags and backpacks zipped and on your body. Never leave them alone (e.g. at a buffet dinner) unless an adult you trust is watching your belongings for you.
  • Don't carry around more things than you need. Only keep what you need at the time. Example: I only carried around my camera, cash, ID, and debit card, and cruise card (to get back on the ship) while on the island. We didn't have insurance cards, Target debit cards or anything that was unnecessary. 
  • Have a portable phone charger. If your phone gets close to losing its charge, you can charge it on the go. 
  • Put a PIN or fingerprint password on your phone. Just in case it gets stolen.
  • Trust your instincts. Remove yourself from uncomfortable situations.
    • Example: If you're exiting an airport alone, try to stay near groups of people when you're going to your vehicle.
  • Point out employees at your locations just in case children roam away and get lost. They'll know who to consult in the area to help them meet back up with their parents.
  • Make sure kids know one or both adults cell numbers in case of an emergency.
  • Never allow your kids to walk behind you. You or your spouse/ other trusted adult should be able to see them at all times.
  • Men without bags - Carry important documents in your front pocket, not back pocket where they're easier to get stolen.
  • Make sure your room (hotel or other) is completely shut every time you leave out.

*A special thanks to my husband for taking a moment during his work day to help me come up with most of the tips on this list!

Read about Day 1 & 2 of our vacation HERE.

If there are any other tips I left out, please share below!
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