Britney Dearest: An Easy Thrifted Vanity Bench Upgrade

/ Monday, August 17, 2015

An Easy Thrifted Vanity Bench Upgrade

About a month ago I finally reupholstered a vanity seat. I've had the vanity bench for about 3 months now. It had been sitting in my garage with the rest of my DIY to-dos.

I used:
•A $5 vanity bench I bought at a garage sale
•A screwdriver (to remove the seat)
•Faux fur fabric purchased at JoAnn's ($9)
•A staple gun
•Extra staples

1.) To determine how much fabric I needed I measured the top from end to end and added an extra 2 inches on each side.
{Example: if the top is 12"x14", you get 16"x18" so there's 2" of fabric to staple underneath the seat.}

2.) I removed the seat of the bench.

3.) I wiped down the existing fabric. {I decided to leave on the old fabric because there are way too many staples that I didn't feel like removing.}

4.) I turned the seat upside down onto the fabric and cut it, making sure I had enough fabric under the seat to securely staple it down (approx. 2").

5.) I stapled the fabric to the seat. {My hands were so tired!}

There's probably about 100 staples I added! That part was NOT fun.

6.) I screwed the top back onto the metal base and...


The gold fiend in me wants to screw the top off and spray paint the metal gold, but the good wife in me is trying to be considerate of her husband who doesN't like gold. The good wife probably won't win this battle.

Before I go, another after:

It's not usually a hot mess under my desk. And spot cleaning the rug sucks! :-)

So, what do you think about the metal vanity base? Should I spray it or leave it? Comment below with your answer.

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  1. Very lovely DIY; you did a great job. I would say the vanity base looks very good the way it is right now because it goes very well with the white faux fur.
    Have a great week.

    1. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing, the white goes well with the silver :-) Thank you for reading! You have a great week too!

  2. Spray it! I love the seat though.

    1. I just might! :-) Thank you. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I just might! :-) Thank you. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love it! I like the silver, it looks really sleek and modern.


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