Britney Dearest: My Filing Cabinet and Desk Organization {plus a little DIY}

/ Monday, December 1, 2014

My Filing Cabinet and Desk Organization {plus a little DIY}

Hello Ladies!

I understand how making resolutions is a big deal for many. I have noticed many women making comments about becoming more organized and if you plan on becoming more organized, instead of waiting until the new year, you should start now :-) I am an organized person, however, I have an issue with maintaining the organization. I clear my desk once a week when it should be more like once everyday. This month I will share how I organize my desk area and manage my planner. Hopefully, I can give you that extra "push" to get some order in your home life if you don't already have it.

On top of my desk: 
  • I keep a school file folder in the paper divider for things I need to look at weekly and for learning activities sent home by the teachers for the kids to practice daily.
  • On the cork board are papers for my kids school.

This filing cabinet started out blue. I purchased it at a thrift store for $6.
A can of spray primer and 2 cans of spray paint go a long way.

You can find the filing cabinet makeover in detail HERE.

Inside the file folders:
Bills to Pay/Monthly statements/Bill Payment Chart
Things to be filed in my larger filing cabinet
Kids school papers from the year
Coupons I need to cut and add to my small expanding coupon envelopes
Folders not labeled:
Colored printer paper
Pages I tear out of magazines. I recycle the rest of the mag.
Random papers I may need for reference

Behind the folders is extra printer paper, our family home binder (I rarely use), 
notebooks, and notebook paper.

In the bottom drawer is random stuff I use regularly: 
my glue gun, printer photo paper, envelopes, stationary items, and some other things.

Under my desk I have this plastic box that contains some of my arts and crafts items, 
projects I'm working on, my paper cutter, washi tape, other things I don't want to put in the bigger craft bins in our pantry.

 Inside my desk drawers.

Feel free to share some of your office or desk organization tips and ideas!

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