Britney Dearest: Fabulous Filing Cabinet Makeover

/ Monday, November 26, 2012

Fabulous Filing Cabinet Makeover

Ok, so, straight to the point. I have been wanting to buy a filing cabinet for the past year! They cost more than I think they're worth so I haven't purchased a brand new one, but I've always been on the lookout to purchase a very low-priced used one. My time finally came! I went to a nearby thrift store [on a whim] to pass time because JCPenney wasn't opened yet. While there I found a small, two-drawer, blue filing cabinet for $8 and because my father is a retired veteran and it was a Monday (Veteran Discount Day) I paid $6 and some change for it! Great right?!

The filing cabinet did have a few scratches and rust spots so I sanded it down really good, primed it, then painted it... Twice. Painted it twice. The first color, I did not like- AT ALL. It was Krylon Brushed Metallic Satin Sparkling Canyon. The color is very similar to one of my favorite eyeshadow colors so I thought it would be cute on the filing cabinet. I was SO wrong! I got so discouraged and disappointed because I was being so impatient and wanted it done right away. It's a gorgeous color, just not on the filing cabinet. A couple days later, I went out and bought another color, Krylon Brushed Metallic Caramel Latte and wahlah! It looked gorgeous on the cabinet! 

     When I first told my husband about my plan to paint the filing cabinet he saw no purpose for it. He thought the blue was just fine and said I was "doing too much" because it's "not an important piece of furniture", but I beg to differ! After he saw the finished project, he had a change of heart : ) He thought I did a great job and even said it looked like I purchased it brand new. *Song & dance time* "Go mee! Go mee!"

       In the "before" photo I had already taped off the handles and sanded. I used the PicsArt App on my Galaxy Tab to make this little collage.


       I painted the inside a little bit, but it's still blue for the most part. I placed the filing cabinet in my dining room and put my kids crafts and coloring books inside it. I put the coloring books inside the folders because [I THINK] it will stay neat and organized that way rather than stacking them all in there.

Top drawer: Crayons are in a large sized zip-lock bag in front of the drawer divider. Behind the divider there's drawing paper and construction paper, notebook paper, other papers, large stencil sheets, coloring books, sticker sheets. They have their own folders with their own individual pictures and items.

Bottom drawer: A little notebook. A plastic box with glue scissors, stickers, random small things. Colored pencils and markers are in the circle tin which is actually a old formula can (upcycle?). Behind the divider are paper towel rolls, multiple large zip-lock bags with paper scraps, toilet tissue rolls, paint, other crafts items they like to use.

There's a couple large activity books on the side of the filing cabinet.

      The original plan was for me to use this cabinet for my own papers and documents, however, my husband's job had a huge garage sale and I found another 2-drawer filing cabinet, but bigger than this one, for $5! It looks nice, so I don't have any plans to paint it right now.

I hope you're inspired!
Love & BIG hugs! *squeeeze*

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