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/ Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Living Room Progress

I have been spending the past couple of months redecorating my living room and although the space still needs some work (like a cover on the light switch!), I like the direction it's going.
You can find a list of bloggers who I'm inspired by at the end of this post.
I spray painted the flower pot silver and
the paintings in the four frames are originals by yours truly :-)
The coffee table in the photo I bought from craigslist a few weeks ago.

The mirror on top I found on clearance at Dollar General for $5!
It was silver so you know I had to pull out the gold spray paint. My poor husband. He hates gold!
But he also has a whole room to himself in the basement to do whatever he wants with :-)

Behind the sectional.

I have a new found love for indoor plants! I only have two for now, but I can't wait to add more!
The photos below were taken during the time I made the faux fur bench DIY post.
At the time, the wall you see in the above photo only had a mirror.

It took me forever to find pillows within my budget!
I tried Etsy first because, oh my goodness, they have the most gorgeous pillow cover prints, but they were a little too costly for me.

The green pillows are from World Market. They were $10 each.
The black, multi-colored and black & white pillow covers are from
All four were around $5 each. I will not be ordering from the same market the black multi-colored pillows were purchased from. They weren't what I expected.

The blue and silver pillows are from Tuesday Morning (my new favorite store!).
They were only $8 each!

I don't have anything on my fireplace mantle at the moment so I'll eventually get to it. I still have a huge stash of decorations that I want to hang and set out. I just don't know where I want to place everything!

 My Inspiration
Well, first of all, I love color! I wanted to make a space that represents my family.
The color scheme came from the birth stones of my family and I. Gold because I love it.
I typed in the colors on Pinterest and found some gorgeous homes!

A few of my favorites are:

For fall, I have changed up the colors a little; switching to earth tones and neutrals.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. It looks great. I love that the colorbscheme doesn't really match but somehow it all goes together perfectly.

  2. Hi Britney, I know what you mean about pillows being costly. Recently, I've been on the hunt, too and I love how you found cute, affordable pillows that look great on your couch. Your living room looks great and definitely has a warm, cozy feeling which is a plus during this time of year... :)

    By the way, Happy Autumn!

    1. Thank you! Warm and cozy is exactly what I'm going for :-) Happy Autumn to you as well!

  3. Your living room looks great. I love all of your choices. It looks family friendly and well put together!

  4. I love World Market. Was just in there this past weekend and some lady was buying up all the pillows. The ones you got are a great pop of color and look really good in your living room #blmgirls

  5. I love your space and the color!!! Isn't it crazy how expensive pillows can be? You've done a great job.

    1. Thank you Sheryl! Yes, I'm very surprised at the cost of some pillows & pillow covers.

  6. The colors look really good in your living room, I'm currently searching for pillows now to brighten up my living room,

    1. Thank you Renae :-) I saw recently that Walmart has a really good selection. They had a lot of the fall colors and fabrics I want to use.


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