Britney Dearest: NEVER. AGAIN | My Personal Experience With Waist Length Box Braids

/ Tuesday, May 5, 2015

NEVER. AGAIN | My Personal Experience With Waist Length Box Braids

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Hello Ladies!

I pray that you're having a beautiful week so far!

Before I start complaining, I want to acknowledge my stylist. She did a WONDERFUL job. I told her I was tender headed, she was patient and gentle with me. She gave me exactly what I asked for and I was VERY pleased with how my hair looked- the parts and braids looked great. My hair looked like braided perfection. I plan to go right back to her for jumbo twists a little while after my scalp heals.

FYI: I have a very sensitive scalp and I develop a very dry & itchy scalp with dandruff if I don't wash every 1-2 weeks. I have never been able to wear braids long without issues! :-(

To achieve this style, my stylist used 10 1/2 bags of weave!!! The weight of all that hair absolutely did not cross my mind prior to or during my braid installation. All I thought about was having a very low maintenance style and braided styles I wanted to try. :-)


1. The braids were heavy as heck!!!
The first two nights after my braid install, my scalp hurt so bad. My braids were so heavy and new that they were pulling my helpless little scalp into agony. I took fish oil pills and pain meds so I could sleep. As time went on, the weight of the braids wasn't as much of a problem. My neck and back adjusted, although, I did start having more upper back pain than usual.

2. I didn't have as much style variety as I had hoped.
I couldn't style them in any way, other than a low ponytail, for about 3 days, which was when they loosened up a little and my scalp began to adapt to the weight of the braids.They were so long and thick that one huge bun on top of my head was out of the question. Any and all {fully} up-do styles were out of the question. The big top bun was one of the main styles I was looking forward to, but NOPE! I was not about to have to do the balancing act all day.

3. I had horrible dandruff buildup.
No matter how much I watered and oil-sprayed my hair with oils that don't cause build up, after the first week, my head started itching like crazy, which caused me to scratch like crazy. TMI ALERT: When I took my hair down last night, the buildup around the root of my braids in the front of my head, where the braid wrapped around my hair, was so disgusting. When my braids were out, I was peeling small flakes from my scalp.

4. My scalp is now very sore.
Due to the amount of itching and scratching, my scalp on the top and front of my head is now very sore and sensitive. I couldn't control myself y'all. Unfortunately, a dog with fleas, scratching, is what comes to mind to describe my situation LOL. I was scratchin' the mess out of my head.

waist length, box braids, long, rope twists, crochet, doy, how to
You can see the full length of my braids in this picture. The pictures from my sister's wedding are the only pictures that show the full length of my braids. I didn't take many "selfies" while I had the braids because I'm so over those thangs. I'm not a makeup artist with facial art to display so I don't see a need to show everyone myself constantly. People already know I'm cute. Not to say I won't ever take a selfie again, because I will, I just don't have the desire to do so every week or month. I am so off topic.

5. I could not get a good night's rest!
It was too much hair to pin up and even when I tried, it fell. I would unknowingly lay on the hair and when I tried to turn my head, my head would jerk, being stopped because of the lack of free range motion while my hair was trapped underneath my upper body. I had to adjust them all night to avoid laying on them which leads me to my next complaint...

6. They were always in my way!
Another TMI moment: I clean my 3yo when he's finished doing #2 on the loo... I had the most irritating time, keeping my hair from touching him, the tissue, and the toilet. Just gross, right?

7. The fear of traction alopecia.
Bottom line, I want to keep my edges. I don't want to walk around looking like Naomi Campbell, having to cover bald edges with a wig or weave. Unacceptable. I was worried that the weight of the braids would cause me to loose my hair around my edges where my hair is shorter and finer. Thankfully, they still look the same as they did prior to the braids.

8. I couldn't wash my hair.
I was not even going to try to wash all that hair. No-sir-ree. I sure was not. Nope. That's also why I took them down after 3 weeks. I thought about washing to get rid of the dandruff and buildup so I could keep them in longer, get my moneys worth, plus some, but it would have been too much of a hassle and I was not up for it. The braids were literally down to my butt and if they were already heavy, I don't want to know how much more heavy they would be wet!

waist length, box braids, long, rope twists, crochet, doy, how to
Sorry about the quality, this is the only picture I have of the back of my hair. My husband snapped this one.

waist length, box braids, long, rope twists, crochet, doy, how to
Second day. This picture looks less grainy on Instagram.

So ladies, listen up. I'm not trying to deter or discourage anyone from getting braids, I'm just encouraging people to be mindful if, and when, you do. If you don't have the same scalp issues as I, then great, but I absolutely do not recommend waist length braids. Maybe you'll be fine if you have bigger parts and use less bags of hair {like HALF the amount I used}. Just be cautious.

I'm not the one to sacrifice comfort for beauty. Anything that makes me uncomfortable, no matter how good I look, I will not deal with it.

I plan to give my hair and scalp lots of extra TLC for awhile and continue using Shea Moisture products along with my own organic oils blend.

Now go on and finish out your week with a bang! Do what needs to be done and do it well :-)
Love & hugs!
God bless!
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  1. Ten packs????? I didn't have that many but I can totally relate. I made the mistake of getting long braids with the hope of rocking one of those vir buns i see on ig right before giving birth and i literally practically laid there with my head hanging off the bed while i pushed (was that tmi cause i have no filter). I wish i could have told you... I wish i could tell you i didn't try again, but i got long twists a year later and it wasn't much better.

  2. LOL! It was not tmi, I try very hard to have a filter,but I'm not always successful. How long were your twists? I'm want to plan properly for the twists lol

  3. 10.5 packs of hair? Holy cow! The braids look great, but I can sympathize with all of the pain points you listed!

  4. Yes! Imagine the weight that many packs of hair...

  5. Great Post; it was very hilarious when you talked about selfies. Lovely dress too.

  6. This was excellent. Just the thing I needed (I currently have box braids and I am struggling to make it through week 2). Thank you for sharing!

  7. I am sorry about hearing about the pain you guys had, that truly sucks.
    However i did indeed have had them waist length twice and they worked great for me. Granted one ofbthe general rules is that the first 1-3 days they will be sore lol but because im so used to it i barely even notice the pain at all. So again i am truly sorry about your experiences but i did want to comment on they were great on my scalp, no itching, and best part is that my hair grew longer from. Just having them but also i got them medium size which was about 9 packs.

  8. wow and I was thinking of getting these that long I know this is an old post but it was very helpful

  9. I am now sitting at am acupuncture place to get a treatment. I have had issues with a neck injury and this didn't help. I have worn them for 9 weeks now and I honestly can't take it anymore. back to short hair. I LOVE the convenient but it's so heavy and hangs!!!! I tried to put a bun... NOT . EVERY TIME I bend down I have to hold it to my head it's so heavy. I Googled can braids give you neck problems and this article came up . this is my answer ... short hair I'm coming back. THANK YOU

  10. I'm sorry you went through this. I feel your pain. I am on week one of having twists and having an allergic reaction to them. My scalp is constantly itching. I can't stop rubbing or scratching my scalp. I'm trying to keep them until the end of June, but, they may be coming out next week. They are not worth the discomfort.

  11. Wish I had read your article before putting in box braids, just had 7 packs put in, I wish it was half the amount.. I am on day one and I am having back pain.. Was getting ready for bed took an advil and said.. How am I ever going to sleep... I just spent 2 hours cutting them and burned the ends and they are just below my shoulders now... Will see how I feel tomorrow... But if at the end of a week I am this uncomfortable.. No way will they be staying in... And just like so many people commented above.. I was excited to do fancy buns and all kinds of hairstyles... But it really is too thick to do anything :(:(.Only plus is that Hubby thought they were very sexy.. He got to enjoy them for a few hours.

  12. I haven't had braids in about 10 years. They always seem like a wonderful idea initially, then the itching and take down remind me why I don't get them more often.
    Unless they're short-mid-length and I'm only wearing them while I'm on a trip it's a no-go for me.
    But they looked beautiful.

  13. I’ve had the same braids for three weeks now and i still get headaches at least three times a week from how heavy they are. Turns out the hair brand i used called RastAfri adds more weight than other hair brands. Neck hurts when sleeping and i can never put them in a high bun without them falling or my rubber band snapping in half. Never getting them this long again. Honestly thinking about just doing short braids or kinky twists or rocking turbans for a while because this is an annoying mess.

  14. I know this is old but thank you for sharing. I just got some box braids yesterday and I had 13 (yes 13!!) packs installed! When I say they are so heavy and uncomfortable even showering is a struggle let alone sleeping and everything else. This is only day 2 but I already know they won't be in very long. It's unfortunate you pay so much for good service, and I even wonder at a point why the stylist didn't stop and realize maybe this is too much. I requested bigger size and less braids but it seems somewhere between pack 9-13 my request was lost... This is what I get for trying to do the cute styles on Instagram LOL but thank you for sharing you story. I looked up how to deal with heavy box braids and this came up, at least I'm not alone.

  15. Lort. Why the heck didn't I read this before I got these cursed braids?! Feeling like BRICKS, they're so heavy! And it's only week 3!!! Trying to last at least three more weeks, but I dunno...edges are fine, scalp is fine, but the HEADACHES are abominable!!! Shoulda left the long-tail braids on Instagram. I miss my hair!

  16. Super late I know, but I wish I saw this sooner. I have waist length box braids that I wish I never got. The braids are soo heavy. They are uncomfortable and give me headaches. I've suffered through them for the past 6 weeks and thankfully I am taking them out this week. I wanted to look cute while pregnant, working and running after a toddler. Worst decision ever and I will never get waist length braids again!

  17. Omg back pain and early on I had neck pain, they've only been in 3 weeks but I'm thinking about taking them back is on fire 🔥


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