Britney Dearest: Home Update Project: Living Area Flooring

/ Monday, February 3, 2014

Home Update Project: Living Area Flooring

My husband pulling up the carpet from the hallway.
Hi everyone!
While going through my photo files I found our before and after pictures from when my husband and I put new flooring in our home back in August 2012 and I wanted to share them with readers. It's one of many other projects (big and small) we've done in our 1960's home that I will share on the blog this year. :-)

Our original plan was to sand, finish, stain our original hardwood, but knew it would take too much work and would be more costly. ForWe wanted something durable that could be easily replaced.

Tile and carpet in front of the french doors leading to the backyard.

Tile and the original hardwood floors in the front entryway.

Me :-) Pulling up the old baseboard.

A view from the dining area. Can't see that well in this photo, but the wood flooring had black spots all over it. I don't know what from, but it looked bad.

After we pulled up the carpet in the living room. This was under the carpet.

Everyone wrote their names on the board where there was originally a wall separating the larger living room from the smaller living room. It was taken down years before we moved in.

About to start the fun part :-)

My husband did a great job, didn't he?

I'll make another post about our spiral stairs. My husband and a friend of his sawed a huge hole in our floor and added these banisters and a spiral staircase.

Sorry about the paper mess :-) I was de-cluttering and my husband wanted to get a picture of the area. We painted the french doors and got new furniture soon after this photo was taken.
Thank goodness we've replaced this furniture since then! Lol
I genuinely appreciate you for taking the time to check out this post. Thank you so much! :-)
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