Britney Dearest: My $12 DIY Spring Wreath!

/ Thursday, April 4, 2013

My $12 DIY Spring Wreath!

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What I Used:
  • 2 spools of  7/8in. wide, 18ft. long ribbon
  • 24in. green ribbon to hang the wreath
  • 2 large flowers I cut from a faux flower bouquet
  • 5 fabric butterflies
  • Straw wreath
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

I ended up not using the red flower and I changed the original ribbon color because of technical difficulties.

The Process in detail...
Last week I took my kids to Target with me (because I'm crazy) and every time I go, it's mandatory that  stop by the $1 section. While there I picked up some cute little fabric butterflies, a pack of 4 for $1. I didn't originally have a plan on how I would use them, but I knew they would make a great addition to whatever spring decor idea I came up with.

This past Monday my best friend and I (and 4 kids) went to Walmart to do a little shopping and that's where  I came up with the bright idea to make a spring wreath. I stopped by their flower craft section and found some apple green ribbon for $2 ($1.97) and the straw (or whatever it is) wreath for $3 ($2.47 or $2.97). 
I knew I already had some flowers in my craft scraps drawer that I could add.

I began wrapping the green ribbon around my wreath only to find that the 1- 18ft. spool I purchased only covered half of my wreath. I went to Walmart the following day and to my surprise, the green ribbon was sold out! But then I saw the gorgeous blueish/turquoise ribbon and wallah!

I got home home and went to work.

Before you glue your flowers and/or butterflies, I would suggest you do a "dry run" and place everything where and how you want it before gluing the items onto the wreath. I re-placed the butterflies so many times until I figured out how I wanted them glued on.

Thanks for reading!

wreath, summer, spring, diy, how to
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