Britney Dearest: Supporting My Husband's Unexpected New Role

/ Sunday, May 2, 2021

Supporting My Husband's Unexpected New Role

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You’re looking at the new flag football coach for our son’s team! It was completely unexpected, but with -0- football/flag football coaching experience, my honey stepped into this new role without a hitch. I was supposed to be the assistant coach, but I can’t assist with much because our youngest son practices and plays around the same time he coaches our oldest son. I’m not sure what help I would be anyway. All I know is a touchdown, time out, fumble, foul, and interference. Foul is a football term, right? I hear it a lot in basketball, but... See... . I’m better as a team mom/cheerleader. Thankfully, my father-in-law has been able to help him out and agreed to be the assistant coach.

How did this happen?

The night before the game while we were celebrating my sister and brother-in-law’s beautiful union of love, joy, and all that good stuff, an email was sent to the entire team (parents) from the original coach. It was a dramatic and unnecessary exit email. He didn’t have to say all that. But anyway, our division leaders reached out asking if someone was willing to step in as the new coach and my husband accepted the mission.

That night he read up on the league rules & regulations and the morning of the game day he found a few plays for the team to practice. He arrived at the fields early and made sure everything was organized for each team member (bags, gear, etc.). He was honest with the parents about his lack of experience (basketball is his specialty) but assured them their kids are in good hands and he’ll do his best.

He has been doing such a good job. We bought enough snacks for each game, but other parents offered to bring them for upcoming games so I’ve been eating the extras. They’re only two games in and I’m excited to see my man grow into this new role. In addition to a weekly golf tournament, softball game, and basketball, he’s now responsible for coaching a flag football team.

Your turn.

In the comments below, tell me about a situation where you unexpectedly had to step in and take on extra responsibilities.

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