Britney Dearest: How I'm Planning Our Very First "Baecation" Stress-Free

/ Monday, August 14, 2017

How I'm Planning Our Very First "Baecation" Stress-Free

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Hey, friends! It seems like summer break has sped by so quickly. I almost can't believe my kids are going back to school this week! My youngest son is reaching a new milestone - he's starting kindergarten! He's so excited.

This summer, we have taken a couple of family vacations and made some wonderful memories, however, now it's time for a milestone of my own- my very first vacation alone with my husband, or as I have heard it called recently, a "baecation". We have been together for 10 years and are just now planning our first two-day getaway with just the two of us. We're hiking through the Missouri portion of the Mark Twain National Forest. I love hiking!

The planning process has been a breeze! We aren't traveling too far - 3 hours away - and since we don't have restless munchkins and little bladders coming along we don't have to plan multiple extra stops in between. I usually prefer using pen and paper to write lists and write down the itinerary, but this time I took a different route. I didn't want to worry about keeping track of papers and risking the chance of losing them so I have been planning everything on my Walmart Family Mobile new Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro smartphone, purchased in the no-contract phone area of the electronics department at my local Walmart store.

Walmart Family Mobile, $49.88, Data Plus Plan, #Summerisforsavings, wfm3, Vacation, Road Trip, Baecation, Planning, Plan, How to, cbias, collective bias, couples, getaway

I'm not the least bit worried about data connection issues for accessing the smartphone apps and important information we need. Our current no-contract monthly phone plan, the $49.88 PLUS Plan from Walmart Family Mobile, powered by T-Mobile's nationwide 4G LTE network, provides me with an unlimited amount of talk, text, and data with up to 15GB of data, then 2G*. It covers a huge amount of areas throughout the U.S. So far, it has been very reliable for me and my needs when I have no wi-fi connection. Walmart Family Mobile's $49.88 PLUS Plan is Walmart's best pricing in no-contract wireless plans and has great benefits such as no activation fees, no late fees, it's easy to get started, and as a special bonus for renewing monthly, customers receive a free VUDU movie credit.

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Vacation Checklists & Itinerary
Through one of my favorite apps that allow me to create various notes, lists, and notebooks, including saving web pages and files, I was able to:

-create packing lists for the kids and my husband and me. 
-create a shopping list that I could easily access while out purchasing everything.
-type out the entire two-day itinerary for us to view during our trip.
-save the documents for our scheduled cabin lodging for an easy check-in process.

Would you or have you used your phone to keep track of important vacation information, or do you prefer using pen or pencil and paper and printing the necessary papers?

Walmart Family Mobile, $49.88, Data Plus Plan, #Summerisforsavings, wfm3, Vacation, Road Trip, Baecation, Planning, Plan, How to, cbias, collective bias, couples, getaway, interracial, mixed, biracial, flat lay

GPS Navigation & Locations
I saved the exact locations of the cabin, forest, restaurants, and gas stations in our GPS navigation app in advance so that we can easily travel from place to place without trying to figure out where to go while we're there.

I checked the Walmart Family Mobile data map to see if our data from the $49.88 PLUS plan expands throughout the path in which our road trip will be taking us and found that we will have data the whole, including 4G LTE while at our cabin and throughout the town we're staying. With so much data, we don't have to worry about asking for wifi passwords.

And So It Begins!
After packing and all that other not-so-fun stuff the only thing left to do was drop the kids off at my in-laws and get on the road!

Walmart Family Mobile, $49.88, Data Plus Plan, #Summerisforsavings, wfm3, Vacation, Road Trip, Baecation, Planning, Plan, How to, cbias, collective bias, couples, getaway, interracial, mixed, biracial

Walmart Family Mobile, $49.88, Data Plus Plan, #Summerisforsavings, wfm3, Vacation, Road Trip, Baecation, Planning, Plan, How to, cbias, collective bias, couples, getaway, interracial, mixed, biracial

This will be fun!

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Thanks for reading!
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  1. I hope you have a blast! I really need to get out of town with my "bae"!

  2. What a great idea! I would have never though of saving locations ahead of time...I love keeping notes on my phone. I hope you had a great time together :)

    1. Saving locations in advance saves a little time :-) Thanks, Katie!

  3. So fun! Organizing with your phone is such a great way to make the trip easier! Hope you enjoyed the kids-free trip! :) #client

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I would really love to getaway with my husband for a few days or so. I love your choice of activity! Have fun!

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