Britney Dearest: One of My Favorite Activities- Home Decorating! {October Blog Challenge}

/ Friday, October 2, 2015

One of My Favorite Activities- Home Decorating! {October Blog Challenge}

Hi ladies!

So today, I'm starting a blogging challenge that requires me to blog about a specific topic each day. I can't say that I'll be able to blog on each day, but I'll do my best :-)

Today's prompt is: "Activity You Love"

Alright! So, something I've been sharing around these parts lately is my love for interior decorating.

I'll share photos from some of my favorite spaces of other bloggers as we go :-)



Just to get this out the way real quick, I'm not an aspiring interior designer. I have a passion for making my home space beautiful and welcoming. I enjoy decor planning and shopping, but overall, I want to make my home comfy, cozy, and pretty for my family to relax, play, and make memories! 


Source {Check out the source to find out how those arrow posters were made}

I also have a passion for reading home magazines (I have so many!) and the blogs of others, who share the same passion as I. It's inspiring to see their home improvement progression throughout each month.



It's important to me to make the best of my home with whatever resources are available and nice to my budget :-) I often find gorgeous decor and furniture items at thrift stores and garage sales, as well as the homes of family members. I have quite a few items I took that were given to me from my mother and sister-in-law, items they were going to give away. One or a few cans of spray paint go a long way to update items to match your decor.



Along the way, my decor style and ideas have gotten much better than when I started. Over the past few months or so I have stepped out of the 'safe color box' to add more color to my home. I love color and want to reflect that in my home, not just here, with my blog graphics, or my clothes.

I like pink a lot, but I'll only add a touch here and there in the main areas because there are three guys in the home. I don't want to over-feminize it.


I have noticed that I'm drawn to black and white areas with pops of color and big green plants. I also like natural wood and animal print; cheetah or leopard being my favorites. I like faux white furs as well.


Although, I don't do it as often as I should, I enjoy purging & organizing and I like finding pretty organizing items. One of my favorite blogs I started following during my pregnancy with my youngest son is I Heart Organizing.


Source {A fun DIY project}


I have a lot of ideas trapped in my imagination for my own home, until I'm able to make or buy certain things... like a brand spankin' new kitchen!

For now, I'm focusing on what I can afford and, as with many other processes in my life, I'm enjoying the journey :-)

Thanks for reading!

For more ideas for every room in your home, and more, visit my Pinterest boards :-)

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