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/ Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Living Room Style Ideas | Mood Board

Happy Humpday!

Aren't you glad the weekend is near? Only a few days away. I sure am, I have plans I'm looking forward to! Friday, my husband and me are attending the Marriage Works group ministry my pastor and first lady hosts, that's always a blast and Saturday I'm planning on doing some thrift store shopping and hopefully find specific things for my home to "upcycle" and paint. Speaking of which...
After months and months of indecisiveness about the colors I want to use in my living room decor, I think I have finally made up my mind! I have spent too much time on Pinterest viewing home decor photos and color schemes, I didn't find one photo that matched my personal home style so I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a mood board.

I started with this home style idea planning guide from
  • I want my home to reflect my family and serve as a safe haven for my children.
  • I want my home to feel warm and welcoming to visitors.
  • I want my home to be colorful (at least 1 bright accent color that looks great with gold :-).

Teal/turquoise or blue, coral-red, yellow, gold, bronze, tan, off white.

The colors I decided on and am {currently} set on are inspired by a gorgeous painting I found on the Kirkland's website a few months ago... Hopefully, it's still there when I'm ready to get it! If not, I'll have to find something with similar colors or get creative and make something myself.

Style Words:
Kid-Friendly - Natural/Nature - Vibrant - Comfortable - Fresh - Peaceful - Creative - Cozy - Elegant - Quality - Purposeful - Homey - Serene

  • I have a brown sectional almost identical to the one in the picture.
  • I have an off-white colored mantle and trim.
  • I have a lot of other home decor accessories I plan to incorporate into the design. Most of them will be painted and/or repurposed and upcycled. Some I bought on clearance or at thrift stores and garage sales, some were given to me.
  • The tan paint color shown is the closest I could get to what I have on the walls in my home. We used Sherwin Williams Mexican Sand 75%.
  • I added the frame because I want all photo frames to match the off-white trim in my home.
  • I was going to add a console table, however, that's just something for my kids to run into and possibly knock over.
  • No pillows with white or off-white. They'll get dirty quick.
  • I already have an area rug that fits the decor although I may get a bigger one. Undecided.

Board Item Details...
Sunburst mirror:
Both vases: - Google search
Twig Hurricane Candle Holder: 
Amazing Grace typography and Burlap studded F:
Sunbursts mirror set:
Flower pillow: (I think)
Gold pillow: Pier1
Sectional: Nebraska Furniture Mart
Metal side table round and wooden table:
Red and white basket:

I really like these colors. They could fit it perfectly with my current plan.

Here are some of the artwork and accent pieces I found and like, but didn't put into the final plan...
While I was compiling images I would envision the photos in my living room and then concluded that they wouldn't be a good fit for my home. Not only that, but I had to consider my husband's plain style and taste and he's not really a multi-color kind of guy. He likes "black and old stuff, but not.really antique. Old stuff that looks clean." His words. Good thing he has a man cave he can decorate and style however he wants because there won't be much black in my living room plans.

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