Britney Dearest: Create a Quick and Easy Chore Chart for Your Kids With Canva!

/ Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Create a Quick and Easy Chore Chart for Your Kids With Canva!

Hey Everyone!

Since my children could walk, I have always included them when it comes to tidying up. Early on, we sang the cleanup song while they helped me pick up their toys, "Clean up! Clean up! Everybody everywhere. Clean up! Clean up! Everybody do your share." When they were smaller it was so much easier getting them to help clean up. Nowadays, *sighs* don't get me started! It's such a struggle!

I tried a magnetic reward chore chart and a few apps with a similar chore and reward method but unfortunately, I was so inconsistent with staying on top of it that it never really worked well for us. Since they have been in school, getting older and more responsible (thank goodness!) I have found that keeping things simple using a printed chore chart has been the best method for our family. Since school started I have consistently checked in to make sure the kids stay on top of it. It's now to the point that as soon as they finish their after-school snack, they go straight into their daily chores.

Onto the chart!

 I used a Canva seating chart layout to create the chore chart and switched the colors to neutral for fall.

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Good news! If you like my chart, go to the following link to customize your own! You can find my layout HERE. You can frame it, laminate it, or leave it as it! Ours hangs on our fridge with a magnet since the kitchen is the first place the kids go as soon as they get home.

I don't have them vacuum or clean toilets because I like them done perfectly, however, I do have them "go over" my work just to give them experience and they can get used to it. We clean up after ourselves in the dining room. I clean the kitchen, they help at times. This chart helps the cleaning portion of our family and home life run smoothly.

Let me know what you think... How do you encourage your children to help out with daily chores?
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