Britney Dearest: Special Announcement: I HAVE A 10-YEAR-OLD!

/ Monday, September 12, 2016

Special Announcement: I HAVE A 10-YEAR-OLD!

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Phoenix. My heart.

The one who, when I was asked these words by my father, "Don't you want to do better for her?" made me rethink EVERYTHING and never settle again!

It brings me so much joy to be able to look at her and say, "that's my daughter."

She drives me crazy sometimes, dancing all the time! Every time I look her, she's dancing. Every time I ask her to do something, she walks off dancing. I ask her to "come here", she comes dancing. She thinks it's funny that I get so irritated with her dancing around the house so much. "Mommy, it's just a dance," she says with a big smile and giggle.

But more than making me want to put her in a straitjacket to prevent her from doing the Milly Rock and Dab and "Hit Them Folks" and the "Yah!" thing, she makes me laugh and smile and desire to love harder and increase my level of patience. 

She asks for hugs about 157 times a day (huge over exaggeration, maybe more like five), and even when I'm upset, overwhelmed, and don't want to be bothered, I can't refuse to give in to her request.

She's also a feisty one.

When her brothers get on her bad side they usually have to do things like play with her dolls with her, portray a character in one of her self-written plays, or say "girls rule, boys drool" five times to get back into her good graces.

When I try to enforce my way and my preferences for her and persuade her to make a different choice, for example, her hairstyle, or her clothing choices, she gives me a sweet & gentle reminder, "well mommy you said that I'm my own person and I should make my own style." I step back and let her do her thang... with minimal guidance.

My Phoenix is blooming into a such a beautiful being. She's a sweet sister. She generous. She learns from her mistakes. And this child can make one little pack of candy last for a whole month! She would rather save what she has rather than quickly indulge, including money.

There are some things I wish I could do over and situations in the past I would like to change, if I could, while learning this parenting role, but overall, as I watch my children I know I'm doing something right.

I evolve to be a better example for my babies.

They are watching my every move.

What do I want them to learn from me and repeat?

I couldn't be more honored to be chosen, whether by a higher power or by nature, to be the main figure assisting in her mental and emotional growth and development.

If I could be a kid again I would be like Phoenix- shyness, artistic, creative skills and all. At age 8, her artwork was chosen to be featured on the 5th grader's graduation invitations. At age 9 she won two spelling bees. I'm excited to see what she accomplishes at age 10!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl. ♥


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  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! She seems full of energy & lots of fun!


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