Britney Dearest: Why Bloggers Should Give Google+ More Attention!

/ Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Bloggers Should Give Google+ More Attention!

Hello Ladies!

So, lately, I have observed that a lot of bloggers aren't too fond of Google+. I have been using it more often in the past couple of weeks in order to see what the fuss is all about, but my experience is the complete opposite of what I expected... I have grown to really like it! It's very simple to figure out and I see great potential in Google+ for bloggers. We just have to know how to use it to get the best out of it.

In this post, I'll share what I found useful about Google+ by trial and error to figure out what I could do to promote my blog and connect with new bloggers in my niche.

While Google searching for a tips about using G+, I found an article on titled Learn How to Use Google Plus | A Beginner's Guide that has a nice list about the advantages of using Google+:

A lot of people haven’t joined G+ because Facebook is so similar, why have two platforms? Well, G+ is quickly showing its superior skills with the following advantages:
1. Full integration with Gmail, YouTube, and Picasa.
2. Photos display MUCH more beautifully and work wonderfully with PinterestSee attached video!
3. Regular engagement on G+ helps with your Google ranking for websites and pages.
4. Video hangouts (which Facebook does not offer).
5. Open platform with less rules and restrictions.
6. Allows people to categorize friends more easily.
6. Whereas Facebook is meant for connecting with friends and Twitter is about following people that interest you, Google + has combined the best of both worlds.
7. The events feature has invites, party mode, and other options that Facebook does not.
8. Once you get used to the navigation, the hover menu options makes G+ easier to use than Facebook.
9. No paying to promote posts!
10. If you host your blog on Blogspot, you have even more integration options. Go to your dashboard and click G+ to see the features available to you!
11. Each post is its own webpage and makes it easier to share across the web.
12. The ripples effect shows you how far your posts travel and who is sharing you.
13. Instant upload with photos on your smartphone right onto Google.

Onto my list!

A few simple steps to help you start making the most out of Google+:
  • The very first step is to make your Google+ profile interesting. Add a profile photo, header, your links, and basic information (tagline, introduction, bragging rights, etc.). My Google+ profile photo and header matches my blog photo and header.
  • Secondly, you have to build up your circles. A few of the circles I have for people I follow: Bloggers, YouTube Subs, Church Family, Family, Friends, Businesses, etc. Adding people to your circles is very crucial to getting the most out of your self promotion on Google+. I'll tell you why...
    • More often than not, the people you add to your circles will add you to theirs, however, it's more likely when you add people in your niche. 
    • When you post new content, everyone who has you in their circle(s) will be able to view your content.
    • Every time you share your blog content on Google+ you can select which circles {and specific people} you want to share your content with. The people in the circles you select will receive a notification (top right next to your photo) about the post you shared with them. 
    • When you share your content to Google+ you have the option to email your content as well.
I suggest you share one or two posts per week to avoid being annoying and "spammy". Be considerate when using those  features. Don't abuse them. You may get removed from circles and unfollowed.
  • Third, join blogging communities! Like this one, Mommy Lifestyle Bloggers. I made it :-) Blogging communities allow you connect with other bloggers within your niche, but be sure to read the community intro and rules. Majority of the blogging communities allow you to share your content, but have limits on how many posts you can share per day or per week. You will be instructed to read and share other community members content. Overall, the main purpose is for you to be active within the community; don't post and run. Visit other members content pages because they're there for the same reasons as you- to develop blog engagement and increase page views, to name a few.

My list is very vague, but if you visit the link above, from Fabulous Blogging, you can get a full detailed explanation on the benefits of Google+ and how to use the main features. I, personally, think it's much better than Facebook and I will continue utilizing it more to network and share my blog content.

Have a great week!

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  1. This is super helpful. I've always been a Google + Blogspot kinda girl, but I need to integrate Google + into my social media routine.

  2. Hopefully more people will begin to use (and prefer) G+ vs Facebook :-)

  3. Thanks for this post! I am definitely going to start utilizing Google+ now! #blmgirls

  4. This comes right as I've been thinking I need to engage a bit more on Google+. I like the platform in and of itself and I do find it easy to use either on the computer or on my phone. I think my biggest issue has been not engaging quite as much. :)

  5. No, I didn't know much about the technicalities when I switched back. I don't really pay attention to rankings. I know exactly what I'm being ranked for. I just like the simplicity and ease of Blogger vs. WP, which is also why I'm not self hosted. I registered my domain name and that was too much for me lol. Also, I use Google apps and services for pretty much everything. I'm just a simple lady :-)

  6. You should! The more people utilize it the better :-)

  7. I love the communities on G+, Facebook is not as blogger friendly as it used to be. #TurnitupTuesday

  8. This is so helpful! I found you today via the Turn It Up Tuesday Hop!


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