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/ Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Kids in the Kitchen | Giving Mom a Break

We're almost halfway through the week, thank goodness! I try not to rush time, but on those workdays that are busier than usual, I'm looking for Friday night, some Golden Oreos, and the TV remote. Thankfully, I'm off work every humpday and my kids are old enough to make a full meal when I don't want to.

I don't like to cook, but I like to eat a variety of foods and I don't want to pay for my family of five to eat out all the time. There are days I cook foods from scratch and there are days I'll slide a Stouffer's premade lasagna in the oven. Add a couple extra seasonings when it's done, bake some garlic bread or mozzarella sticks and it's good to go.

To give me a break from cooking I buy easy meals my kids can cook for everyone once a week. To name a few, we have boxed Velveeta mac 'n' cheese, frozen chicken fried steak, the orange chicken we can throw in the skillet and add the sauce later, and microwavable 5-minute rice. They like to make breakfast for dinner too.

They made this meal (below) together for the family last week.

Phoenix (14) has messed up a couple batches of cornbread by measuring the amount of milk or oil incorrectly and burned a few pancakes, but for the most part, she does great and acts as the head cook to the boys.

With my kids being older and able to help out a lot more it simplifies my life a little and I always let them know that appreciate their willingness to learn and contribute to the family.

Your turn.

In the comments section below, share some ways your children help around the house that helps make your responsibilities a little easier.

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