Britney Dearest: The Versatility of a Chambray Top {5 Fun 'n' Flirty Styles for Date Night! :-)}

/ Friday, October 9, 2015

The Versatility of a Chambray Top {5 Fun 'n' Flirty Styles for Date Night! :-)}

Hi ladies! :-)

Now, I'll be honest okay... I was feeling a little 'froggish', so I jumped into a bold move that I'm almost positive I wouldn't do in public, unless I was at a swimming pool, and that's show my stomach in public! Yes, I'm aware that this is a public blog, but being in the comfort of my own home makes the situation much more easy to handle. :-)

My husband has tried to talk me into showing off a little skin on our date nights, but I'm really shy so I won't. He's crazy, I know. His mentality is, if you got it, flaunt it because you won't have it forever.

Well ladies, I took a chance. I believe I looked super cute (from the mouth down anyway- laziness prevented me from doing my hair and makeup), and although I forgot to turn on my studio lighting for a couple of the outfits, I'm sharing them all anyway! :-) Enjoy!

I straight stole this next outfit idea from Pinterest. Photo & source below.
I tried it with three different pairs of shoes.

I said I wouldn't pull out my tall boots just yet, but I just had to with this outfit :-)


Now, I'm kind of feeling like I should have just tucked in the shirt. LOL.
Oh well. Too tired for a do-over.

I don't own a tulle skirt, but this is just gorgeous.

Thanks for reading!
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