Britney Dearest: "Mom, They Forgot About Me."

/ Sunday, May 26, 2019

"Mom, They Forgot About Me."

Recently, my daughter's school held its annual student recognition ceremony. They sent invites home with students who had a 3.5 GPA or higher and students who were members of various clubs and organizations. We were invited and I knew it was for my daughter's grades and Art Club Club participation.

We got to the event and not only did they instruct my child to sit in someone else's chair (they didn't provide a chair labeled with her name like they did with all the other 6th graders in attendance), but her name wasn't listed in the book for the academic section, only for Art Club. I asked a teacher about it and she said my daughter must not have had a 3.5 GPA or higher for all 5 grading periods throughout the school year. I didn't have proof available in that moment and the program was beginning soon so, feeling heated, but not defeated, I took my seat.

Me, both sets of my parents, and my sister waited for over an hour as they went through each grade- 6th, 7th, and 8th- naming every student for every group before they made it to the Art Club. I was so impatient and frustrated. Finally, my daughter's name was announced as she walked the stage to receive a certificate for her participation in the school Art Club.

Afterward, my daughter stated her disappointment for not receiving an academic certificate in addition to the one for Art Club. She said to me, "Mom, they forgot about me. I had good grades all year." I told her I would handle it and we all expressed joy for her and told her how proud of her we are.

Phoenix didn't want me to go to the office or call the school regarding the matter and said she would be okay. She doesn't like confrontation or being placed in situations that make her uncomfortable, however, I turned it into a teachable moment. I believe she should become comfortable with speaking up for herself or allowing her parents to do it for her when necessary. We can't go through life allowing people to overlook us just because we're uncomfortable. I explained that it's okay to speak up for something she earned. Sometimes, it's okay to let things go, but this isn't one of those situations.

The next day, with her report cards from each grading period in hand, all showing a 3.5 GPA or higher, I called the school and explained the situation. I told them the emotions my daughter expressed, including what she said about being forgotten. The academic counselor verified everything in their system and sure enough, they made a mistake. They forgot about my baby.

The counselor apologized and stated she would make sure a certificate and booklet with Phoenix name were printed and given to my daughter before the week's end.

Although the counselor kept her word, I wasn't fully pleased with the outcome, however, since my daughter didn't want me to call the school in the first place, I let it be and we had our own little celebration. My mother was upset and asked me, "they didn't at least give her recognition over the school intercom?" My family members were upset, some even joked that I should've requested another ceremony including her.

On a positive note...

My daughter is very shy and quiet at school. She doesn't talk to anyone on the phone or text, she doesn't hang out with people outside of the family. Imagine my surprise when her name was called and the 6th-grade students got loud, screaming for her. My mom leaned over to me and said, "I guess she does have friends after all." Phoenix said she was surprised too.

What I love about her is that she's so confident and content. I always encourage her to communicate and make friends but she says there's too much drama in her school and she would rather be drama-free lol.

I have kind of accepted that she will make friends in her own timing. I just hope it's sooner than later and they're loyal friends who are drama-free.

Again, Phoenix, if you're reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! Momma loves you so much and I couldn't be more proud of the beautiful young lady you have grown to be during this stage in your life.

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