Britney Dearest: The Versatility of a Chambray Top 1/5 {Patterned Bottoms}

/ Monday, October 5, 2015

The Versatility of a Chambray Top 1/5 {Patterned Bottoms}

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Hi Ladies!

It has been a long while since I have written a fashion post. For one, I don't really like posing in front of others. I'm shy and self-conscious. And two, really good fashion takes too much planning. My best friend, Tiphanie, is a professional stylist and when I asked for her assistance in helping me choose outfit pieces and photos she started talking about statement necklaces, and bangles, and belts and I got overwhelmed! She's the statement piece queen. I have a lot of belts and bangles, currently collecting dust, but not many necklaces. I'm a simple girl, however, I do plan on buying a few statement necklaces soon because they really accent outfits well and make the overall look "pop".

Last week, I randomly felt like playing dress-up and came up with the idea to make a fall fashion post centered around one of my favorite year-round tops, my chambray button-up. I also finally put my new lighting to use, my husband bought me for Mother's Day earlier this year.

Each day this week I'll share two new outfits showcasing the versatility of chambray tops to wear during this autumn season. I hope you enjoy!

These looks could use a cute watch :-)

My best friend convinced me to wear these pants. I have had them for, probably, over a year now and I have never wore them outside my house! She said if I won't wear them give them to her lol.

Links to the exact or similar products below.

Chambray top - JCPenney
Nude wedge sandals - Charlotte Russe
Cream sweater cardi - JCPenney
Nude pumps - Aldo

Each item I have had for awhile and purchased on clearance for $15 or less! :-) The nude pumps were $25 on clearance.

*Our little secret: These photos were shot in my basement, in my kids playroom. I cleared an area, set up my lighting and used a remote for my camera to snap photos :-) I kept my outfits on the couch and shoes nearby so I could change easily and quickly :-)

If you haven't, check out the other looks :

4. Relaxed Styles w/ Chambray Top (Thursday)
5. Fun 'n' Flirty Styles w/ Chambray Top (Friday)

What do you think ladies?
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