Britney Dearest: Mommy's Fly Guy {and Fashion Conscious Kids}

/ Friday, October 2, 2015

Mommy's Fly Guy {and Fashion Conscious Kids}

Hi ladies!

My son was really... "feelin' himself" this morning, and I must admit, he is a little cutie!

He loves any top with a hood on it and he was excited to be able to wear a new long sleeved shirt today.

It's so cold outside!

Let's cut to the chase...

Lately, I have been trying really hard to keep my opinions to myself and help my kids develop their own personal styles. I like to dress them in ways that I think are super cute and fashionable, but they don't always like what I choose for them and I don't always like what they chose.

It took me forever to convince my son to wear the (pictured) denim jacket. I knew he would like it when he put it on, and surely, he did. Dressing him is usually pretty simple. I know what he likes, for the most part, and when I set out his clothes for the next day, he's usually content with whatever I chose.

My daughter is going through a phase where she's very into fashion, but her style consists of colorful, but mismatched clothes and socks (thanks Disney channel & Project MC2 girls!). When I shop for her, I buy colorful things that she can put together and I suggest certain pieces for her outfits. I try my best to let her have the ultimate say. She likes to wear her purple Converse with everything. Sometimes, I'm thinking, "oh goodness!" But I'll let her shine and express her creativity through fashion, even if... never mind.

My youngest son, oh goodness! He's a handful. He hates wearing underwear, socks, and shoes. It takes a lot of convincing, and sometimes bribing, to get him in underwear, socks, and shoes. He says he "likes the cold." It's 64 degrees out and he wanted to go out and ride his bike shirtless, and without shoes and socks! Honestly, I just have to tell him, "if you don't put on underwear & socks, you can't go outside." Plain and simple. I let him know that he could really hurt himself without shoes, and I do a quick run down of results of playing in the cold with no shirt or jacket. He loves going outside, so he listens. Also, to make things easier for us both, he has a drawer of 'play clothes' where he can go in and pick out any top and bottom he wants.

How do you help cultivate your kids fashion sense and how do you handle picky fashionistas?

Denim jacket: Thrift store
Hooded top: The Children's Place
Camo pants: The Children's Place
Nike shoes: Handed down (free)

The entire outfit cost me less than $20.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. awww your son is adorable. I like his outfit. That is funny that he doesn't like wearing underwear.


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