Britney Dearest: My Early Fall Decor {With a DIY Bonus}

/ Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Early Fall Decor {With a DIY Bonus}

Hi ladies!

I'm so glad it's finally fall! This is one of my top 2 favorite times of the year. I'm excited about the cool sweater and boots weather to come. I love the neutral colors, the beautiful natural colors seen all around us as the leaves change. I feel really blessed to see another season.

Alright, so I'm sharing a very simple way to incorporate a little autumn into your home using scrapbook paper and leaves.

I have had a couple of 12x12 frames for the longest and I've never been 100% sure what I wanted to do with them. Since my home style is finally coming together, I have found exactly where I want them. What's in the frames will change with the seasons.

For this project I used:
-12x12 frame
-12x12 Fall themed scrap booking paper from Hobby Lobby
-Fake leaves (you can even use real leaves)
-Gold spray paint
-A few little sticks (I actually want to add more)

What I did:
1. Spray painted a few of the leaves gold, 5 for each member in my family.
2. Placed the paper in the frame.
3. Added the leaves and sticks in any way you please
4. Put the frame & glass back together and hung the frames!

That's it! :-)

 I drew a simple leaf because I couldn't remember how to draw the type I wanted (which is the exact same as the orange and gold leaves pictured!). Today, I realized that I could have looked at the leaves on the wall to guide me! #SillyMomma

I plan to go out and get some white and orange pumpkins to go on top of the candle holders. I only have 4 large glitter Jack-o-lanterns for Trick or Treat Day, purple, orange, and 2 green.

The large framed picture is new, I just made it yesterday, but I'm already starting to dislike it. I want to start over on the back and center and enlarge the peacock feather. It was my first time making feathers so I was nervous!

This table is still a work in progress!

A little spooky action.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a fun wall & table for the autumn! It turned out great, you made a lovely job of the picture. #alittlebitofeverything x

  2. Your Fall decor is really pretty. Fall is one of my favorite seasons too.

  3. I love it! I'm a huge DIY fan. I love anyone that's handy with a can of gold spray paint! I will try some of these suggestions for the artwork.


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