Britney Dearest: Introducing Your Child To a New Relationship: Is It Too Early for Baby Future (Ciara) & Russell?

/ Monday, August 3, 2015

Introducing Your Child To a New Relationship: Is It Too Early for Baby Future (Ciara) & Russell?

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I don't normally get into celebrity gossip, but I was drawn to this drama because I went through a similar situation and I grew irritated from all the negativity on social media from single men with children regarding their disagreement with Ciara's personal choices involving her child and her man.

relationship, ciara, russell wilson, future, baby, marriage, family, single, mom, dating, family

If you haven't been keeping up with celebrity news in mainstream media, and/or do not know who Ciara and Russell are, here's a quick rundown for ya...

Ciara is a famous singer and dancer. Russell Wilson is a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. They started dating earlier this year (to common folks knowledge). The father of Ciara's child, famous rapper, Future, among many others (see T.I.'s response here), think it's too soon for Ciara to have Russell around their beautiful baby boy and Future has used Twitter and Instagram to rant and vent his opinions and frustrations regarding her personal choices involving Russell and baby Future.

relationship, ciara, russell wilson, future, baby, marriage, family, single, mom, dating, family

Go herehere, here, and here for more details.

My personal opinions...
*My views are in response to comments I have read.

We really don't know how long Ciara and Russell have been dating. It became public when we saw a photo of them at an event they attended earlier this year. Future probably doesn't know how long they have really been dating because it's none of his business. She doesn't have to report who she dates to him.

Future cannot dictate her love life or who she chooses to bring around their child. There's an exception if the child is in danger, which he doesn't appear to be.

relationship, ciara, russell wilson, future, baby, marriage, family, single, mom, dating, family

I don't believe she's doing anything out of spite... or choosing a relationship over her child. I think it's ridiculous to assume so. Here's what I would think if I were Ciara, "my life doesn't revolve around the feelings of my ex and as long as my child is happy, I'm happy and we {my child & I} will live life and enjoy it to the fullest. Russell makes us happy."

It's ridiculous and immature to think that one can't put her children first because she's dating. Yeah, some mothers are triflin' like that and will put a relationship before her child, but Ciara seems to be much smarter than that. If people can be great parents while married, they can be great parents while dating.

If it doesn't work out, oh well. So what if things don't work out. I'm sure there are makeup artists and hairstylists and performers around him all the time; temporary people. The child will know a number of teachers or tutors, friends, and other people in his life who will come and go. He will not be mentally damaged if the relationship doesn't work out. He won't even remember the guy! He's 1-year-old for goodness sake! Whether they stay together or not, it will not have a long-term effect on the child.

relationship, ciara, russell wilson, future, baby, marriage, family, single, mom, dating, family

There is most definitely a double standard. We don't know the specifics of how long Future knew Ciara before introducing his children or baby momma's to one another or how involved Ciara was with his children when they first started dating. From what I've read, they were introduced within months. He can introduce his children to his new boo early, but it's a problem when she does it?

The REAL issue is men and their pride and insecurities. Men get upset that another man appears to be playing "daddy", his role is being shared, and his pride is affected. When another man is involved, he allowed his emotions take over, becomes illogical, and acts out by trying to dictate what the mother can and can't do regarding their child.

It's ridiculous that Future is using social media and radio interviews to negatively voice his opinion regarding his ex-fiance and her man. He's really making himself look like the fool. He needs to mind his own business and let that woman thrive. He trusted her enough to make a baby with her. He trusted her enough to plan on spending the rest of his life with her, so he should trust her enough to know that she's a wise woman and has their child's best interest at heart.

I don't think she would have her son around Russell if she didn't think the man and the timing were good. Russell and Ciara seem like two sound-minded, logical individuals and they're obviously in a serious, meaningful committed relationship. Russell looks very comfortable with the child and the child appears to really like him. He's a great role model and seems to be a great potential father-figure for the child as well. The child is being loved and is very well taken care of; that's what matters more than anything else.

Thanks for reading!

What's your opinion regarding timing, when introducing a child or children to new significant other?
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