Britney Dearest: A Home Decor Haul & Shopping Tips! {Thrifty Thursday}

/ Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Home Decor Haul & Shopping Tips! {Thrifty Thursday}

A few small items.

My receipt, just because.

The ring is broken so I guess that's why it's marked down. Idk.
My son picked out the cute little owl guy.

I'm excited to upgrade this lamp! I'm not sure if I want to put black stripes on the lamp, or the drum shade (I need to purchase that!). Click HERE to see other home items I purchsed from Savers recently.

First of all, don't look at my walls! LOL. I took down majority of what I had hanging up on the wall to your left so I can start on a fresh canvas and completely revamp my space.
It used to look like this:

The original price of this gold mirror was $27 and some change. I was able to get it at a much lower price because it is damaged in a couple of spots, I filled in one of the spots with a gold sharpie. It has two small cracks on the sides of the frame, but unless you're really inspecting the mirror you can't tell :-) Also, it was obvious that this mirror had been used. It had Command strips on the back and the brown paper covering the back is torn in the center. I asked the manager to mark it down, I didn't even name a percentage or price, he was just a sweetheart. He named a price, I accepted. :-)

Tips For Home Decor Shopping on a Tight Budget:
  • First, set a budget. And stay in it!
  • Screenshot color schemes and ideas. Pinterest has all you need, I guarantee.
  • Have some kind of plan. You need to know what look you're going for; style, colors, the vibe  or mood you want to set, that kind of stuff..
  • Think outside the box. Be open minded.
  • GO STRAIGHT TO CLEARANCE! Clearance is my BFF. So are half off sales.
  • Visit local THRIFT STORES.
  • If it costs too much, it's ugly and you didn't even want it in the first place! HIDEOUS! {I'm too good at avoiding items are out of my budget.}
  • PATIENCE grashopper. Save up for bigger purchases. We can't always afford to buy high ticket items up front, so I save for about a month or two at the most. We avoid debt at all costs, we don't put things that you can't live in or drive on credit. Also, search high and low, near and far for a lower priced, similar item. OR...
  • DIY. Do it yo'self!

Share some of your favorite tips to decorating a space you love on a budget.
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  1. I have to admit, I don't shop at TJ Maxx too often, but I do love Kirkland's A LOT! I also really like JoAnn's because they honor competitor coupons, which can make some items SUPER cheap. I would love to do a thrift store date if you ever want too!

    1. I LOVE Kirkland's. That's usually my go-to spot. Everything in the mirror view was purchased at Kirkland's including many other home items. I haven't been to TJ Maxx or Big Lots in ages! I randomly stopped by to pass time because I was near them earlier this week. The faux fur fabric in the top 3 photos I bought at JoAnn's last week, but I hadn't been there in a couple years. I reupholstered a $5 vanity bench I bought from a garage sale. Yes! We can most definitely plan a thrift store date! I would love to :-)

  2. Great post Britney! I was going to start decorating our home here in the fall. I have snagged a couple cool items from the discount section at Gordman's. I love Big Lots and want to go to Saver's! Thank's for the tips!

    Nicole Alicia


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