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/ Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easy & Affordable DIY Wall Decor

For awhile now, I have been making plans to make my home interior gorgeous. I have been pinning ideas like a madwoman and drawing layouts and designs of things I want to create. I have been busy y'all, and I don't plan on slowing down any time soon :-)

I have been working on one wall at time and so far, I have made some progress with my entryway walls. They're small and were pretty simple to decorate. I arranged and rearranged the wall decor items on the ground so many times before hanging them. I even had a few other decor pieces included, but as I began to hang, starting with the "F" and shelf, I kind of just went with the flow and it didn't turn out anything like I had planned. It's a lot more simple than my original ideas, and I like it.

In the beginning there were visible spackled holes in the wall and a letter "F" that kind of ruined my wall vision. See for yourself:

Sorry about the horrible photo quality. I didn't recognize the focus on my iPhone {4} no longer works. Somebody tell my husband to upgrade my phone for Mother's Day. As my sister's bf said, "it's not even a 4S!"

Both mirrors were given to me from my mother, they were originally black. The smaller one is a part of a trio. I'm going for a warm, bright living room so I painted the mirrors a creamy off-white/ivory color to match our trim and a little gold to the smaller one. The ledge under the "F" was black as well.

The letter & "Love one another" gold framed quote I purchased at Hobby Lobby when they were half off! I LOVE  that store. They have a lot of my money... which is really no longer my money.

Priming the "F":

I purchased the arrows from a local woodworker who does an awesome job at making wooden decor. You can see more of his work here: Got Wood? Workshop. I asked for natural, non-stained or colored wood because I wasn't sure what color I wanted them. My original plan was to leave them natural and add a clear satin spray, but when I put them on the wall, I didn't like it so much so I asked my husband to stain them.

The abstract painting is an original done by me :-) More on that HERE.

A couple weeks after the photos were taken (and Resurrection Day has passed), I added a couple of small spring decor items to the shelf. I'll Instagram it when I find a couple more things to add.

You can find my spring wreath diy details HERE.

For now, I'm not sure if I like the brushed metal silver look on the F. I recently purchased a chrome colored spray paint to cover it. I didn't want too much gold because my husband is not a fan of gold, he says, "it's too gaudy". To compromise I decided to add a little silver here and there because that's what good wives do... decorate with silver AND gold. I also may move the smaller mirror up a couple inches. I don't like it even with the F. I know, I must sound like a... professional. I actually am.  I attended the University of Pinterest for approximately 4 years. #truestorybro :-) Haha!

So anyways, the main photo that inspired my wall decor is this from Love Grows Wild:

My wall looks almost nothing like this, but for some reason, this photo just stayed in my head. I love the arrow, the color scheme. I originally wanted an arrow exactly like the one pictured, but I wanted to make my wall my own. I was going to add family photos as well, but I'm saving them for another wall.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!! :-)

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  1. Such great ideas! I pin like crazy but rarely follow through.

  2. Love! You go sis!

  3. Lol I'm gonna start saying this >>>> I attended the University of Pinterest for x years! I love it. Very cute decor, Britney! I need to follow through with my Pinterest inspired wall art. It's been a while since I've finished anything I've pinned on Pinterest.

    1. Thank you! I have a huge box of projects that need to be done. Frames to paint, vases, little figures. I'm saving up (with Walmart savings catcher, Ebates, and Ibotta funds lol) for a slightly bigger purchase that goes with the stuff in the project box. I have 2 other big projects I need to finish, I'm a procrastinator.

  4. Wow, these ideas turned out great. I've tried hings on Pinterest that turned out bad! #blmgirl

    1. Thank you! Not everything I make turns out as planned either. There's other "art" underneath that abstract painting lol. It had to be covered!

  5. University of Pinterest!! Girl yes, I have studied there as well. I'm actually working on mapping out my own gallery wall. I'm a really big fan of diy projects and loved this post. Great way to turn an inspiration photo into your own look! This wall turned out great! #blmgirl

  6. Wow! This is amazing!! I am really exited to use this in my apartment!!


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