Britney Dearest: 4 Things You Should Do Before January 1st {New Year Crunch Time!}

/ Tuesday, December 30, 2014

4 Things You Should Do Before January 1st {New Year Crunch Time!}

So, around this time we usually see a lot of "New Year New Me" type posts, people speaking of resolutions; people making them and people speaking very negatively about the people who make them {why you gotta be so rude though?}. I came up with a list of 4 things you can do to get yourself (and family) off to a great start for the new year so get ready to take notes or feel free to bookmark this post for reference :-)

CLEAN HOUSE. My mother instilled this idea in me. She always wanted to go into the new year with a clean and organized home. It's something I have {tried} to stick to since I have lived on my own.

Let's go into the year, not only with a clear and fresh mind, but also with a clean and fresh house. Or at least we'll put a lot of effort into trying, right :-)

PURCHASE A PLANNER.  I don't know how people go without using some form of a calendar planning system, whether it be a write-in planner, or electronic. I would be so mentally disorganized and lost. A planner used well will allow you to make the best of your day and give you {and your family} some structure. I use my alarms to sync with my planner so I don't miss appointments and I can review it throughout the day. I highly suggest you find a calendar planning system that works for you.

If you haven't, you can read about How I Use My Daily Planner. I also show screenshots from my phone of how I use my phone alarms.

I recently purchased this cute little thang from Target for $7.99:

REFLECT. "Why do I need to reflect on this past year?", you ask. Well, because it's important to be aware of our own feelings, thoughts, and motivations. It's beneficial to give meaning to certain ideas you had and situations you encountered throughout the year. Reflecting on the past can help you make improvements to how you approach and handle various situations in the future.

There's a great list of 20 questions for a New Year's Eve reflection I found here at Click here for a free PDF download. I wouldn't suggest something to you that I'm not interested in myself, so yes, I will most definitely be using the list for my own 2014 year in review/reflection.

SET GOALS & PLAN. Have some goals! Or as some would say, make some resolutions! I see nothing wrong with making resolutions, however, I believe you should keep it simple. Start out with your top 3-5 resolutions and focus on those. If you give yourself a list of 20 things you want to incorporate into your life and/or make habitual, you'll overwhelm yourself, you'll be more likely to give up when you put too much pressure on yourself.

Now, after you make these resolutions, it's mandatory that you create a plan on how you plan to reach your goals. A timeline would be great. There's another great read at about setting goals and even a PDF download where you can brainstorm ideas and list steps to take towards your goals.

Hopefully, this list helps you get some things into perspective and figure out what may work for you and family in the new year and what may not. Always be in prayer on important decisions and stay positive. Stay around positive people.

Have a great New Year everyone! God bless!
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  1. I just printed a planner for my blog for this new year. I've never had one before and I already feel so organized. Blogging will be so much easier this time around. But I also need to incorporate something like this into other aspects of my life for sure!


  2. I've been already trying to organize my files here and there, as well as some light cleaning ;). But I still need those planners from Target. Hopefully I find one today.

  3. Great post! I'm on my way to purchase a planner right now!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I've been trying to maintain my file organization, but for some reason papers like to pile up on my desk :-)

  5. I'm using a blog planner this year too. I've heard great things so I'm giving in to the hype. Thanks for reading!


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