Britney Dearest: Throwback DIY Thursday: Framed Jewelry Hanger

/ Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throwback DIY Thursday: Framed Jewelry Hanger

Hello Gorgeous!

Yes, I'm aware that people normally post photos of themselves or their family from when they were babies and kids or teenagers, basically, photos from 10+ years ago, however, I'm doings things a little different today and sharing a project I made for my sister Jasmine a few years ago.

Items I used:
  • frame from an copy of a painting I found at a thrift store. You can use any frame you want.
  • chicken wire
  • coffee mug hooks
  • thumb tacks
  • hot glue gun
  • heavy duty scissors
  • faux flowers I cut off a small dollar tree flower pot arrangement
Tip: Make sure there are two hangers on the back of the frame to hang it, one on each side. If there is only one in the top center, the frame will tilt to whichever side with your necklaces is the heaviest.

  1. Remove the glass, picture, and backing.
  2. Prime and spray paint the frame if you want. I liked the color it was so I didn't need to paint it.
  3. Turn the frame where the back of it is facing up and cut the wire to fit the frame. Place the wire inside the frame, made sure it fits well.
  4. Put a little glue under the a thumb tack and press one in each corner, both sides, top, and bottom to hold the wire snug in place.
  5. Screwed the mug hangers on the sides. 
  6. Project complete. Hang and add jewelry.

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