Britney Dearest: Fancy and Formal on a Budget!

/ Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fancy and Formal on a Budget!

Hey Pretty Ladies!

I pray that your Thanksgiving day was great and well spent with loved ones! :-)

During the Christmas and New Year season there are plenty of formal balls and galas and as we all know, considering the cost of tickets AND formal attire, things can get VERY costly! I want to share this post to show that there are options and ways to save money on formal apparel to avoid spending more than your budget allows.

Back in August this year our church hosted our 15th year anniversary celebration and it was a blast! Guess who was responsible for flyer, ticket, and poster design... Yep, yours truly :-)

On my lovely daughter:
Pink Dress: $25
Shoes: Target clearance $7

On me:
Bracelet set: Burlington Coat Factory clearance $4
Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory clearance $3
Dress: Dillard's clearance $20
Shoes: I've had for years

On my husband:
Perry Ellis Tuxedo Jacket: $30 on (pre-owned)
Black Dressy Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory: $13
Silver/Grey Tie: Burlington Coat Factory: $10
Silver/Grey Tuxedo Trousers: $8 on (pre-owned)
Formal shoes: $11 on (pre-owned)

  • Cleaners cost for my husband's used tux attire: $15
  • My dress was originally strapless, but my pastor had strict rules about our attire (no exposed breasts, butt, or back) so to be on the safe side I had the straps added which cost me $2 for the fabric and $10 for the service. I had it done by the same sweet and gorgeous woman who added rhinestone straps to my wedding dress and custom-made my prom dress. She's awesome.
  • My husband's pants were not hemmed and I was able to choose how much extra length I wanted when I ordered them. The same lady hemmed his pants and charged us $10.

  • I planned in advance and purchased everything piece by piece over a span of 3 months.
  • My husband forbade me from renting him a tux and wanted to wear a black suit he has, but it would not have coordinated well with my dress. He didn't want to spend money on renting a tux and he doesn't like to dress up so I tried to keep costs low and his tux less formal as possible.
  • I excluded the vest and cummerbund for his comfort and to save some cash! :-)
  • To get his correct size, I Google searched, "how to take measurements for a tuxedo" and I checked his suit sizes. While he was asleep I took his measurements and ordered accordingly.
  • I knew his attire would be the most expensive so I searched for used/pre-owned apparel on eBay, Craigslist, and at Thrift Stores.
  • I had to think outside the box. I purchased my husband's pieces separately, instead of as a set. I went with the least expensive, but great looking pieces.
  • I didn't have any pre-planned looks or specific colors I wanted us to wear, but I wanted to coordinate. I bought my dress first and based my husband's tux off of it.
  • I showed my daughter 4 dresses, on Amazon, that she could chose from that ranged in price from $16-$25, she had the nerve to choose the most expensive dress.
  • My husband's items shipped in 2 and 3 days.

My pretty princess.
My gorgeous parents.

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