Britney Dearest: Cute & Comfy Mommy Style Ideas

/ Monday, November 24, 2014

Cute & Comfy Mommy Style Ideas

(I own two pair of these leggings I purchased from
early this year and I LOVE them. My legs stay nice and warm and they're seamless :-)
(These have micro-fleece lining for warmth!)

If you don't know, I'm a stay at home wife and mother. I don't have to get up and get casually dressed up for work in a professional setting and I'm happy with that. Also, my husband couldn't care less if I stayed in my pajamas all day, as long as his house is clean and dinner is on the table, however, you will not find me in pajamas all day unless I'm sick. I like to be dressed decently and prepared to run errands or take my baby out to do something fun.

Here's a few facts about me and my weekly "style":
  • I only wear heels on weekends or special events that I may attend on weekdays.
  • I refuse to wear denim bottoms/jeans Monday through Friday. Although, they're really cute, I don't like to wear jeans or jeggings, or chino pants, etc. I seriously don't, but we have to sacrifice comfort for cuteness sometimes, right?
  • I like to wear loose fitted pants paired with fitted shirts and vice versa.
  • I will NEVER wear leggings with nothing covering my behind outside of my home. If I go work out out with my husband, sure, I'll wear leggings as pants. For running errands or something, my behind will be fully covered by a long top.
  • I'm not a tomboy. Far from it, I'm not even athletic.
  • I LOVE to accessorize... Scarves, big earrings, cute fuzzy socks, hats, gloves, cute ear warmers, etc.

So! With aaalll that being said, here's a few cute and comfortable outfits I put together as inspiration so I can use similar pieces I already own and shop for similar (less expensive) pieces to go into my wardrobe this end of fall/winter.

Details below each outfit!

(My daughter has a pink one from The Children's Place she likes to wear with her black hooded vest and it's too cute!)
(I'm SO in like with these pants!!!)

I'm curious... For those of you who spends majority of your days at home, what do you plan on wearing while on "Mommy duty" throughout the week this coming season?

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