Britney Dearest: How to Develop Confidence in Your Own Style {Boyfriend Jeans}

/ Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Develop Confidence in Your Own Style {Boyfriend Jeans}

For as long as I can remember I have loved fashion and style. I get it from my Momma. I've adhered to many trends, and overall, for the most part, I think I've been good at going with my own style flow. I'm not set on one particular style, I like to switch things up. I can go from a boho-chic/hippie loose fringe top and wide-leg denim to a classy sophisticate blazer and pencil skirt to urban big gold hoop earrings and sneakers all in one week. I'm not sure that I have a unique sense of style or anything, but I believe I have a good sense of style. I know what's flattering for my figure.

When I look in the mirror and I like what I'm wearing, I feel good and I want everyone to feel that way about their own style reflection. Hopefully, the tips and ideas I have can help encourage those who don't feel the same way as I do! :-)


1.  Be content with your clothing and hair style choices. As long as you're not dressed inappropriately, and are dressed for the occasion, you should be fine.

2.  Wear outfits that are flattering and complimentary to your figure. It's so very true that everything doesn't look right on everybody, however, if you feel beautiful and confident with your muffin top in a midriff bearing shirt, then great for you :-)

3.  Avoid focusing on other peoples opinions about your fashion choices. I'm not talking about showing skin and dressing like a hoochie, you should always be aware of whether showing breast, belly, and butt is appropriate or not. Personally, I believe it's only appropriate for swimming. Belly out for adult dance costumes and workouts.

4.  It's okay to get ideas from others. Some people aren't style savvy, but still want to look stylish. and can help with that.

5. Keep in mind that you are not in competition with anyone. You don't need to upstage or impress anyone but you.

6.  Counter jealous or envious thoughts of someone else's style with positive compliments. Before you know it jealousy and envy will be a thing of the past! If you see someone in a cute outfit or you like her shoes, go say hi and tell her... "Hi! I'm Britney and I couldn't help but notice, your shoes are so cute!"

Necklace: Forever21 (not sure)
Navy blue tee: JCPenney
Boyfriend jeans: Wet Seal
Wedge heels: Charlotte Russe ($8 clearance!)

7.  When you notice yourself mentally comparing yourself to another, counter those thoughts with positive self assurance. During Wednesday night Bible study I usually go to church dressed comfortably in baggy sweat pants and a loose or fitted t-shirt and tennis shoes or cute flip flops. My clothes are in good condition, I'm just completely dressed down. I used to feel a little insecure when I would see someone else in a cute and casual outfit. I would think that maybe I should have dressed in something cute and casual. There was kind of a subliminal sense of competition. I overcame that by reassuring myself that I know that I can dress up and look cute if I wanted to, but I wasn't at church to be cute and focus on what people were wearing. I'm there to learn and because services are in the evening I want to be comfortable.

8.  Wear with confidence and embrace your personal style. Whether I'm dressed up or down, I like to walk with my back straight and head forward, walk one in front of the other, almost imitating a models runway walk and I smile at anyone I make eye contact with. Doing all that helps me feel confident and happy.

Photos snapped by my tripod and me.

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