Britney Dearest: Happy Trick or Treat Day! {Wreath DIY & Why My Christian Family Enjoys Halloween Festivities}

/ Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Trick or Treat Day! {Wreath DIY & Why My Christian Family Enjoys Halloween Festivities}

Wreath, yarn, and 4 pieces I bought at Walmart. The 4 pieces actually came together hanging from a string.
Glittery purple spider I bought at Dollar Tree.
After 2 days (off and on) of wrapping the yarn I positioned and hot glued everything onto the wreath.

I think some people (church members specifically) I know may be a little surprised to see that I have this wreath hanging up on my front door, I even have green, purple, and orange glittery pumpkins and fake spiderwebs with fake spiders on them on my mantle. It's cute! Yes, my family and me like to dress up in non-demonic costumes and go trick or treating on the only day of the year that allows it and I don't mind explaining my reasons for doing so :-)

Just because my family participates doesn't mean we condone everything associated with it.

I'm aware that many people may partake in the Halloween festivities because of the paganism and satanism associated with it or get drunk at Halloween parties, however, WE ARE NOT THOSE PEOPLE. We don't get drunk and we don't practice pagan worship or black magic.

About the history of it, some Halloween celebrations are pagan in nature (Samhain), some are not (All Saints Day). "Hallow" means holy, ""een" means evening. Like Christmas, Halloween has evolved and is really whatever we make it. Many people make it religious, many people don't. Halloween has spiritual significance to those who give it spiritual significance. I completely disagree when people accuse my family of celebrating and worshiping satan. It's not okay for me to assume that because you chose to dine in a restaurant that has a bar and sells liquor you are there to get drunk.

There are many things we do for harmless fun and sin-free enjoyment and for no other reason. Does that mean we are dishonoring Christ? Of course not. I still teach my kids about the one true living God and live out my faith before them. My faith isn't hindered. 

To my family, trick or treating is innocent family fun, just like going to World's of Fun (a local amusement park) or Paradise Park. The differences are that this specific activity only happens once a year and we get to dress up in costumes and my children happily receive free candy from strangers, safely in the presence of my husband and me from local neighbors, members at local churches, amusement park staff or mall employees, depending on where we chose to go. I see no sin or demonic influence in allowing our children to dress up as people they would like to be one day (doctors, firefighters, etc.) or kid-friendly characters they admire. I don't see a huge difference from when pretend play as other characters at home on any other day.

To worship you have to glorify and exalt another being or deity. I don't glorify and worship anyone but JESUS CHRIST.

Today we're going to a "trunk or treat" event at 6 p.m. hosted by a local church and then, the church my mother attends is hosting a trick or treat event that begins at 7 p.m. so we're going to that as well. :-)

November 1, 2014 update:

Last night for Halloween We attended the trunk or treat event and the kids had a blast! We had hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and I tried a pumpkin spice latte for the first time with whipped cream and cinnamon on top and I must say, it was soooo good! I don't like coffee- at all- and always thought latte's probably taste like coffee. The church had a chili cook-off so my husband tasted and voted. He loves chili and and warm apple cider so he may have enjoyed that more than the kids and me. I left my Nikon in the van so I didn't get good pictures :-(

After that location we visited my mothers church, it was great. My grandmother and sisters helped set everything up and led the events. They had some science experiment activities, bobbing for apples, and fun games. My kids loved it! I forgot my camera in the van again and neither me or my husband wanted to go get it. I wish I would have! Then my phone died so I didn't take that many photos. There was a chili cook-off there as well and again, my husband loved it! The kids and me had chili dogs, chips, carrot cake (it was so good!), and candy of course. My daughter won a box of cupcakes. My sons each won half a dozen of chocolate chip cookies.

Our Halloween was quite different from the norm, my husband likes the old fashioned way, house to house, but it was so cold out. Overall, we had a great evening. We got a lot of candy and they enjoyed wearing their costumes. My son is outside playing and wearing his as I type.

Pinky Pie (My Little Pony), Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy),
and a mixture of Jake the Neverland Pirate and Captain Hook. 
Gabe didn't want to wear the big pirate hat, he wanted to wear the Jake bandana.

My nephew Kam (Bumblebee- Transformers) and my son.

Previous years.



Sulley of Monsters, Inc.
Scarecrow for a Trash2Treasure Party: Halloween Edition.
The Mysterious Super Z, the son of Batman, and Daddy Batman.
Mommy Cat and her kitten.

So what do you think? Does your family dress up for Halloween? Why or why not?

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