Britney Dearest: May 2014 Color Run 5K- Kansas City, Missouri

/ Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May 2014 Color Run 5K- Kansas City, Missouri

Hi Gorgeous!

Soooo, ever since I ran {jogged and walked} my first 5K (Diva Dash 5K) back in March I have been addicted to 5K's! Not only am I getting a great workout, but part of the proceeds are donated to charity. Part of the Color Run proceeds were donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Here are a few photos from the Diva Dash...

From our spot at the starting line.

We did it!!

This medal and bib are just too cute! 

Most recently, I was able to talk my husband, my sister, and my future brother-in-law into running with me in the Color Run 5K which took place right outside the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals stadiums, in and around the parking lot. We had so much fun!

We started in the middle somewhere, 45 minutes after the first wave began. My guess is that the very last wave started about 45 minutes to an hour after us. There were thousands and thousands and thousands of people who came out to participate in "the happiest 5K on the planet". It was very hot and humid due to the fact that it rained earlier in the day, but there was no rain during the run, so the view was nice. The DJ was fun. He threw out a lot of goodies, which is how I got the cute "color run" sun glasses and a bunch of bracelets for my babies.

I took this photo about 30 minutes after the first wave of runners started.

I had to represent... ROYALS! Kansas City (MISSOURI!) born and raised.

My sister Morghan & me lookin' a hott colored mess. There was a big party going on behind us.

Team Fast and the Fabulous :-)
Pauly, Morghan, Zach, and Brit (me).

After the run, minus my Color Run tee. 
Because I'm...

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