Britney Dearest: May 27th: It's My Birthday Lovelies!!!

/ Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27th: It's My Birthday Lovelies!!!

Guess who's 28 today!!! 

Yes honey! 

I am so grateful to make it to this day. My faith and character get better with age so I am not ashamed to proclaim the number of years God has given me, allowing me to improve and grow into the woman HE wants me to be, the number of days HE has given me to spend with and/or talk to my loved ones. 

Thank you God for 28 years of your gifts of grace, mercy, and forgiveness which I do not deserve!!! 

I have so many gifts that I don't deserve because of my past wrongdoings and I am just so grateful y'all.

1. I have a wonderful, supportive family;
2. My husband who works hard to make sure our children and me are well taken care of financially. 
3. My beautiful kids who amaze me every single day.
4. My {4} parents are THE BEST
5. I couldn't ask for better in-laws. They are awesome.
6. My honest & genuine friends who are more like family; seasoned & new. Majority of whom I met in church :-) 
7. My siblings who I love oh so dearly- we always have a blast together and a few of them have given me gorgeous nieces and nephews who I enjoy spending time with and I love that they love coming over my house. I feel good & bad when they cry when they have to go home LOL. 
8. I have the best aunties in the world; my mom's sisters & best friends who helped my mom raise me. 
9. ALL my family members, including extended !!! Aunts, Uncles, cousins, everybody. 

I'm extremely grateful for everyone who chooses to love me and accept who I am at this stage in my life. There was a time in my life when I didn't know who I was, I was lost, I was fake, I was kind of a follower; "crowd pleaser", I wasn't a good friend, I made some very unsatisfactory choices. Deep down, I wanted to go to a 4 year HBCU (historically Black college and university), study to become a teacher & and be apart of the AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha) sisterhood like my grandmother & Aunt Nickie (and now my eldest sister), but I was fast and chasing the wrong things and person (my daughter's dad; high school love & first everythang). I am just so grateful my family stood by me, disciplined me, and encouraged me. All their care has helped me SO MUCH and still does. I have had so many talks with my dad, but something that always sticks out in my head is my father telling me, "if you don't love yourself enough to believe that you deserve better, then you have to know and believe that your daughter deserves better. Give her better." At that time, I was dating (lasted a couple months) a drug dealer who is now serving a life sentence for murder. Yes. Good ol' Britney was doing "the most". Some girls think it's cute to date a "bad boy". Sad to say, I was one of 'em, temporarily. That phase didn't last long AT ALL. That was so not me. ANYWAYS!!!

Overall, I'm so glad to be who I am in this moment. Am I perfect? No. Am I striving? Heck yes. 

I embrace love. 
It fuels me. 

Negativity makes me lazy lol.

My "bonus mother" (because she's better than a stepmother) posted this on my fb page:

"Ahhh! Britney, God has given me the opportunity to witness your growth of being an awesome wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt & and last but not least, the woman of God that you are. It's an honor and a pleasure to be in your life. You have even encouraged me. You are such a loving human being, and not afraid to express it. God has more blessings in store for you; just continue to stay in His will. I LOVE you more than you know! Happy Birthday, Sweetie!"

She gets on facebook probably once a year and that pretty much made my day lol.

Last thing... I'm not writing all this to seem profound or for my words to look good to the eyes, I'm serious. I pray that I encourage other young women who may need some words of encouragement to help them make better decisions and I don't mind sharing my story. I'm an open book. My past does not have me in bondage.

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