Britney Dearest: My Simple Style: Green Skirt and a Cardigan

/ Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Simple Style: Green Skirt and a Cardigan

Happy Thursday Gorgeous!

Random: I wanted to look at the camera and smile, but the sun was right in my face.

Outfit Details:
Black cardigan: $10 clearance at Old Navy clearance. You can't see in the photo, but there's shiny silver string threaded throughout the entire cardigan.

Tan, black, white animal print infinity scarf: $7 at Burlington Coat Factory

Green Skirt: $6 (or $7?) at Forever21

Tan boots: FREE ;-) They were re-gifted to me from my wonderful sister-in-law who prefers not to wear tall heels. You can't see in the photo but these boots have a... 3-3.5 inch heel. They are really comfy though!

Gold belt: Old Navy clearance
Black leggings: Target clearance
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