Britney Dearest: Flashback Friday: 2013 Florida Summer Vacation {Part 1}

/ Friday, January 31, 2014

Flashback Friday: 2013 Florida Summer Vacation {Part 1}

Our house was the last stop before getting on the road.
My gorgeous sister Jasmine (Auntie Jaz) and my baby Gabey during a refueling stop.

My awesomely eccentric and talented brother Tad. Check him out on Instagram, @TadMichaell!

My husband and boys chillin' in the lobby while about to check out of the hotel in
Atlanta we stopped and slept at before continuing the ride to Florida.

It has been SO cold these past couple of weeks! SO COLD! My daughter's school district canceled classes one day last week because the high temperature for the day was like, 5 degrees Fahrenheit and the windchill was like, -10! I drive my daughter to and from school, but if she rode the bus I wouldn't want her waiting in that! Not all parents are able to wait with their children at the bus stop in a heated vehicle so I understand. Not only that, but I was glad we could sleep in. I was so tired.


Because of this freezing weather I thought it would fun for me to reminisce and share a bunch of photos from our first big family trip, photos I should have shared last summer, but I didn't because I was running a busy summer daycare and my blog was not at the top of my priority list, so it was neglected. Sorry.

Last year, the last week of May and into June we vacationed in Florida. My parents wanted to take all seven of their seven children and six (at the time) grandchildren to Walt Disney World. It was planned a full year in advance, which gave each of us enough time to save, inform our jobs, shop, whatever else we needed to do. Anyways! Only four out of seven of us (adult) kids (plus my husband) were able to go and five out of four grandbabies.

I have so many pictures (I'm a photo junkie) and it was very difficult to narrow them down between the photos I took and the photos my dad took. But I did! Here's the plan: I'm going to do a few "Throwback Thursday" or "Flashback Friday" posts featuring photos from each part of the trip.

Our [temporary] humble abode. The kids called it "The Big House."
The first thing we did upon arrival...

Me, setting up the Wii for the kiddos.

 Up late with my daughter, brothers, and niece.

A little snack before bedtime.
My ZJ was so excited about the kids Peter Pan themed bedroom and Tinkerbell bathroom!

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