Britney Dearest: Simple Fall/Spring Outfit Idea: Princess Kate Inspired

/ Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Simple Fall/Spring Outfit Idea: Princess Kate Inspired

After church while I was still looking cute, make-up still looks good even though I have on blue eye shadow, I figured I would just do what I said I would and put together some outfits that are similar to some I found when I googled "peach coral capris" to find cute and simple ways I could wear my capri pants. This is one of my top favorite looks with the coral pants. I hope you like it!

Scarf and bracelet of choice...

Outfit description: Pants I bought at a thrift store for about $2 and change after the 50% discount, they're Arizona. Princess Kate's blazer may be navy blue, but mine is actually black, looks blue in the light though, bought it at Kohl's early last year. Shoes are some black pumps I bought at Payless on clearance for $20 last year, their 'Brash' brand. Scarf I bought at Gordman's years ago. Bracelet I bought on clearance at Sears for $6. Earrings are silver, they have an indented soccer ball pattern.

Special thanks to my hubby and daughter for taking the pictures for me!

Sorry about the picture color quality. I used my tablet instead of either of our really nice cameras because I didn't feel like having to download everything to the computer. I will eventually use both of them though. It's just easier and quicker to use my tablet and laptop.
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