Britney Dearest: My First Thrift Store Haul!

/ Sunday, July 29, 2012

My First Thrift Store Haul!

After taking our kids to buy toys at toys r us this past Friday (with money they saved up), we noticed a few doors down a big sign at a thrift store that read, "50% off for Royals Friday if you're wearing blue!" Royals is our city baseball team. Anyways, turns out, me and the kids were wearing blue shirts! Well one was white with blue stripes, the other was white with blue and orange accents, anyways! My shirt was blue, so we went in and checked it out. I was in thrift store paradise. To make a long story short we bought 4 blazers, 2 pairs of capris, 1 pair of khaki pants that make me look very well endowed, 1 skirt for me, 2 for my daughter, nike sandals for my son, a shirt for me, a purple zebra print cd player radio and princess clock for my daughter, books for both kids, 2 dvds. I think that's it. All that came up to a total of $37 and some change. The highest priced item was the radio for $8.98, before discount. Everything else was $4.98 before discount and under. I took pictures of most of it. My husband was reading the books to the kids as I was taking these photos, so didn't get photos of those. Take a look!

My daughter couldn't wait to get the radio into her room to listen to Radio Disney. I haven't even cleaned it yet! The CD player works! Yes!

The clothing...

Everything is in great condition. I'm excited for it all to get washed so it can be worn! I plan to go back this week or next on "Royals Friday" because when we were leaving out, I noticed a lot of gorgeous satin scarves! I refuse to pay $10+ for the ones I see in the mall and department stores so I can't wait to go back. Hopefully they'll have more of a selection and I can buy 'em all! Muah-hahahaaa! Anyways! Have a great day!
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